Dr. William King

Colleagues Credit Jordan’s Trailblazing Work to Aid HIV Patients

The recent death of Dr. Wilbert C. Jordan prompted colleagues and mentees to recall his pioneering efforts to treat people afflicted with the disease.  Jordan, who passed away in April, began battling the epidemic in 1979 – two years before the CDC publicly identified the virus.  He later established the Oasis Clinic in South L.A. to provide testing and medical services to people living with the infection.


On three distinct Saturdays, Nov. 7th, 21st, and Dec. 5th, Adult household members are invited to “drive thru” our free flu shot clinic event at the Crenshaw Medical Arts Building 3756 Santa Rosalia Drive . Carloads are welcome, contact distancing and facemasks will be enforced and you drive away knowing your personal reaction to this year’s flu will be minimized.

CPRF Plans ‘Brothers Talk Too’ Virtual Men’s Conference

A panel of experts will headline the “Brothers Talk Too Virtual Men’s Conference,” which takes place on Saturday, June 20, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Zoom and Facebook Live. The event, hosted by the Cynthia Perry Ray Foundation, is a component of the organization’s Witness2Fitness Health and Awareness Initiative. The main goal of the effort is to promote good health among men pants in the Black community through education and reduction interventions and programs. “To reduce gender inequalities in minority males, CPRF is bringing together men from various locations, occupations and denominations with noted healthcare professionals. This event

Dr. William King Joins Community for the Third Time at this Year’s Taste of Soul 

“Through college, through medical school, through my residency and post op school, I learned the importance of seeing my patients as my fellow community members,” said Los Angeles Internist, Dr. William King. For the third time, King is bringing his medical practice to Bakewell Media’s Taste of Soul in October. This year, King told the Sentinel, he and his team will be focusing on the medical station, where attendees can go for things like chest pain, shortness of breath or wounds. He’ll also be offering testing for HIV and Hepatitis C. “I’ve always been interested in becoming a physician, since