For Direct Community Benefit


On three distinct Saturdays, Nov. 7th, 21st, and Dec. 5th, Adult household members are invited to “drive thru” our free flu shot clinic event at the Crenshaw Medical Arts Building 3756 Santa Rosalia Drive [across from west entrance to Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza].  Carloads are welcome, contact distancing and facemasks will be enforced and you drive away knowing your personal reaction to this year’s flu will be minimized.

WHY: Flu season in Los Angeles County is typically considered the first week of October through the end of March. The flu vaccine is important to teach our immune system to fight against seasonal flu exposure.  Influenza is not as deadly as COVID-19, but still last year, 62,000 people died from the flu; making flu and pneumonia, the 8th leading cause of death nationally. Therefore, the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention recommend that everyone from 6 months of age and older receive a seasonal flu shot. However, not everyone does: National vaccination rates should be greater than 95%; however, California rates for African-Americans and Latinos were 40% and 60 % respectively. (California Health Care Foundation 2019) While the flu vaccine will not prevent you from getting COVID-19, it may prevent you from having worse outcomes if you are exposed to COVID-19. Finally, getting vaccinated from the flu can prevent you from having to go to the doctor, crowded emergency rooms or being hospitalized for influenza related illnesses. Your immunization can protect those around you directly, by not exposing others to the flu or using health care resources needed during this COVID-19 crisis.


All adults in the local community are invited to drive-through to receive the flu vaccine.  Your host is Dr William King, a notable internal medicine specialist with a strong community commitment.  He is encouraging whole households to participate so that there are fewer infectious contacts in the home.  This event is supported by local community advocates and agencies who also support the need for flu vaccinations.

For further information, contact Dawn Howard 323.617.5409 option 5.

Email: [email protected].