Kipp SoCal Alumna Selected For National Leadership Accelerator

Simone Edwards, a graduate of KIPP SoCal school was selected to participate in KIPP’s national Alumni Leadership Accelerator program, a year-long fellowship for KIPP alumni leaders in their 20s and 30s. Simone is among 23 KIPP alumni nationwide who were selected as fellows this year, chosen from a competitive pool of over 100 applicants nominated by their KIPP regions. KIPP partners with Management Leadership for Tomorrow to deliver the program.  

A Call to Rescue My Sisters: The Case Against the Show “Sorority Sisters”

       This opinion piece is not written against any individual sorority member featured on the reality show “Sorority Sisters.”  It is important that I say this upfront. This piece is a call to action:  to rescue my sisters from reality land who seemingly will say anything about our organizations in pursuit of fame and fortune.      Fame and money are not in-and-of itself bad.  I respect your hustle and your desire to make your way in the world but not at the expense of sisterhoods that you profess to love.  I encourage all sisters to be bold and fearless