2020 Vision Check

It all happened right before our very eyes allow me to summarize A lot has already taken place one can never erase Once the pandemic hit creating fear and devastation Wreaking havoc across the nation No business as usual all of a sudden the earth stood still Everything’s happens for a reason according to God’s perfect will Plagued by social, economical, and political division God is calling us into account requires total submission Whenever controversy erupts we must never give up How did we get here what started this mess a midst this virus and civil unrest The world’s clearly

Mayor Sells DWP’s Coal Plant Shares

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced this week he has signed an agreement to sell off the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s share in a coal-fired energy plant in Arizona, a move that brings the city closer to ending its dependence on coal energy. The signed agreement involves the sale of the LADWP’s 21 percent share in the Navajo Generating Station. “This is an important step toward cleaner air, addressing climate change and creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles,” Garcetti said. The LADWP spent three years negotiating the sale of the shares, with the resulting agreement calling for