Earline M. Gentry

It all happened right before our very eyes allow me to summarize
A lot has already taken place one can never erase
Once the pandemic hit creating fear and devastation
Wreaking havoc across the nation
No business as usual all of a sudden the earth stood still
Everything’s happens for a reason according to God’s perfect will
Plagued by social, economical, and political division
God is calling us into account requires total submission
Whenever controversy erupts we must never give up
How did we get here what started this mess a midst this virus and civil unrest
The world’s clearly being put to the test
This is a year we’ll never forget 2020 vision check
Hitting us so hard like a ton of bricks let’s face it some things only God can fix
Where do we all fit in the scheme of things?
Don’t be surprised open your eyes for many confusion and doubts arise
What about all this social distancing how long will it last?
Wondering whether or not should we all wear a mask
Many are angry much of their behavior has gone viral
The world seems to be facing a downward spiral
Climate change, hurricanes this is insane!!!
The economy’s shut down homes burned to the ground
Homelessness is at an all time high why?
2020 vision check look around you we’re losing our love ones young and old
Our lives are at risk spreading the virus putting our jobs on hold
Wakeup world make no mistake what a difference a day makes
When we all come together things will get better
Through acts of love and kindness unity at its fineness