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New Children’s Book, ‘I Love My Daddy,’ Further Dispels Myths about Black Fathers

The stereotype of the absent Black dad remains quite ubiquitous in popular culture. It often takes the form of a dysfunctional family unit, but in recent years, studies have proven that the stereotype is nothing more than a myth. That legend is further vaporized in the new children’s book, “I Love My Daddy,” by Maryland social worker and military veteran Juanita Banks Whittington.

Chante’s New Book Makes Perfect Gift for Children

Explaining God to youngsters is made easier with “I Am God,” a new book by L.A. author Crystal Chante. The beautifully illustrated children’s book shares the story of Abigail and her quest to learn where she comes from. She finds the answer by attending Sunday school where she learns about God the Creator as well as His love, power and divine nature. “I wrote “I Am God” so youth can know that He exists and that our God desires a relationship with each and every one of us,” shared Chante. “Questions about our existence, our relationship with God and His love

‘Wonderful You’ Teaches Self Love and Compassion

The secret, at least from author and life coach Naimah’s POV, is self compassion and self love… knowing that one is worthy of good things without any outside validation. This is what she is imparting to the youngest of believers in her new children’s book, “The Wonderful You”, co-written by her husband and fellow life coach Dr. Q. In about 20 full color pages, illustrated by Stephen Adams, Naimah tells the story of Pooky Poo, a sad little mouse who, in Wizard of Oz-esque fashion, happens upon a variety of experts teaching the secret to happiness.