Cassius Clay

Toronto sets lineup, Regina King to debut Muhammad Ali film

Toronto, which is set to run Sept. 10-19, has plotted a largely virtual 45th edition due to the pandemic. In normal years, TIFF is the largest film festival in North America. This year, it has drastically scaled down its plans and scrapped together 50 films or TV series from around the world, leaning on projects set to debut on streaming services or television this fall.

Muhammad Ali: American Icon, Civil Rights Hero

Renowned boxer and courageous activist Muhammad Ali left the world on Friday at 74-years old. For decades, Ali used his boxing talent as a foundation to influence Black pride and to display his allegiance to the Nation of Islam. His performance in the ring was graceful, spontaneous, and intense. Ali’s nimble feet dodged jabs, his blows would subjugate several opponents multiple times. His boxing intelligence allowed him to ‘rope-a-dope’ and finished them off with an ‘anchor punch.’ Once Ali was outside the ring, his confidence and charisma equaled his boxing ability. Never too shy to spew trash talk and exalt