By Denver Mackey  

Contributing Writer  

Cassandra Nickerson, founder of Get Fit with Britt-Nick Organization, and Janeshia Robinson, co-founder of the Annual Women’s Trinity Retreat, hosted their 12th annual retreat, “Glow Up” in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  

Cassandra Nickerson with women in attendance at the Glow Up Gala. (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)

 Get Fit with Britt-Nick is a growing health and fitness organization, dedicated to helping women of color develop the nutrition and fitness tools necessary to create a positive health legacy in their homes and communities.  

 Being mentally and physically fit should be goal of every human being. However, sometimes lack of information, cultural influences and plain old bad habits, prevent us from living that reality. Get Fit With Britt-Nick is responding by hosting this retreat every year.  

 Making every day an opportunity to learn something new about oneself and make new connections others, Nickerson created an itinerary to make all attendees feel “Glowed Up” by the end. The women got in on Thursday, May 18, and had their welcome reception where the ladies got to meet one another. During this reception, Nickerson gave women time to set their intentions for the trip, and write down what fears, internal battles, or baggage they want to let go of.  

The next morning, the retreat began with the Orange Bang Workout, getting everyone motivated and starting the day with energy. Following that exercise, Nickerson gave her Wellness Keynote where she discussed the retreat’s beginnings with only a small number of ladies in attendance in Idyllwild.  

Women together after the Orange Bang Workout. (Denver Mackey/L.A Sentinel)

Nickerson reflected, “This Idyllwild trip was a chance for us to just come together and have a moment to breathe. Many of us were in the midst of loss and we still made it a point to make sure we got up there to come together and make sure we were catering to ourselves.”  

Nickerson also emphasized importance of exercise, and how it can change your daily life. She noted that starting with a small goal can make all the difference “even if you are just walking two to three times a week, that is a start to jumpstart your fitness journey.” 

Following this workshop, the women headed out on an adventure through the lush culture filling the streets of Jamaica including a visit to Negril where the ladies participated in retreat’s Beach Olympics tradition.  

All the ladies were teamed up in four different groups, competing in a beach workout competition with weights, strength training, and cardio. After the Beach Olympics, the journey through Negril continued where they ended the night at Rick’s Café for a meal and dancing before heading back to Montego Bay.  

The ladies before Ziplining at Chukka Adventure Park. (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)

Saturday consisted of an all-day eco-adventure as Robinson would describe it. After a short drive to the Chukka Adventure Park, the ladies ziplined, went river tubing, and learned the history of rum at the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum experience, also located at the park. To end this day, the ladies had some leisure time an then attended the all-white party and gift exchange where the ladies got to receive numerous self-care goodies from one another.  

Finally, Sunday started off with another workout the Bombshell Pink workout, followed by the Persuasive Confidence Workshop by Kessan Taylor, a motivational speaker and self-help author of “Tired of Crying.” Taylor first took the ladies through her life journey, speaking on developing resiliency through life’s trials, ending with a workshop on a fun dance class on sensual confidence.  

The day concluded with the Glow Up Gala where everyone celebrated the memories made as well as shared their team chants, reflecting the joy that happens when women take moments to have fun and be silly.  

Janeshia Robinson (left) and Nichole Blackwell (right) with Jamaican stilt walkers in Montego Bay. (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)

Expressing what the retreat means to her, Robinson said, “As the cofounder, this retreat has become a sense of pride and joy. I look forward to seeing women, including myself, live out loud and have experiences that I might be brave enough to have on my own.  

“The retreat provides a unique, multi-generational fellowship that is not as commonplace in our community anymore. The conversation, ministry and memories that occur help to build a positive health legacy.” 

The Glow Up Retreat would not have been made possible without the efforts of Janeshia Robinson, Stephanie Bates, Mealia Mayers and Kessan Taylor to ensure the trip occurred without a hitch. The Annual Women’s Trinity Retreat reflected the magic that arises when women come together to uplift and inspire one another.  

Visit the Get Fit with Britt-Nick website, and Cassandra Nickerson’s Instagram for my information on further retreats, and highlights from the Glow Up Retreat here, @getfitwithbrittnick.