Elmae Robinson, 93, left, with Black Women Rally for Action worker Brenda Anderson. (Courtesy Photo)

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) recognizes the vital work of its partner organizations, including Black Women Rally for Action and East LA Women’s Center, in supporting women, mothers, and girls in underserved and vulnerable communities.

Public Health’s Community Health Worker Outreach Initiative supports community-based organizations that use a peer-to-peer approach to ensure equitable access to resources and essential services to communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

Through the County COVID-19 Community Equity Fund, Public Health works with and trains system navigators in under-resourced and vulnerable communities, who can then help individuals and families access vital resources.

System navigators are experts in finding, researching and accessing resources for the people most in need. Equipping local organizations with system navigators is a community-centered intervention that can help reduce inequities.

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“The work of Community Health Workers and System Navigators has been essential for Public Health’s quick responses to COVID, rapid access to resources, and flexibility to reach as many people as possible with information, essentials, and vaccines,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.Ed., director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. “We are proud to partner with organizations like East LA Women’s Center and Black Women Rally for Action.”

Mr. And Mrs. Robinson proudly wear their vaccination stickers. (Courtesy Photo)

Black Women Rally for Action was founded in 2019 to facilitate and convene efforts needed to improve the health and well-being outcomes for Black women. In November 2022, Black Women Rally for Action and Public Health launched a booster campaign to increase COVID-19 boosters among Black Women in Los Angeles County and provide access to medical resources.

East LA Women’s Center has provided COVID support, outreach, resources and education through the Community Health Workers Outreach Initiative. The mission of the East Los Angeles Women’s Center is to ensure that all women, girls and their families live in a place of safety, health and personal well-being, free from violence and abuse, with equal access to necessary health services and social support, with an emphasis on Latino communities.

ELAWC delivers innovative, comprehensive, culturally responsive services that build on a foundation of trauma-informed, evidence-based practices designed to heal, support, protect and empower the communities it serves.