Black leadership

Meet the Power Couple That’s Building Black Political Power Ahead of the 2022 Midterms 

As the 2022 mid-terms approach, Black leadership from the NAACP to Black Voters Matter are concerned about several obstacles that Black America is facing when it comes to the ballot box and representation. To help Black candidates running for office in this mid-term cycle, Quentin and Stefanie James started their own political action committee – the Collective PAC. 

WATCH: Black Money Matters Ep.1

Financial Wisdom coming from Special Guest Diedra Porche, Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase’s Market Leadership Team, Los Angeles . Hosted by Danny Bakewell Jr., EVP of the Los Angeles Sentinel & LA Watts Times.

Effective Black Leadership More Important Than Ever

It is hard to imagine a more dangerously narcis sistic President than Donald Trump. His decisions erode civil rights gains and further embolden racism and white privilege; his foreign policy is just as scary. Keep in mind, however, Trump represents the feel- ings of those who voted for him, which is even scarier.

Why Black Men Must Become Black Feminists 

With the rise of “Trumpism,” our community needs all hands on deck to engage in the struggle.  And using all available human resources requires that we not push women to the background in order to maintain male dominance as the preferred social order. 

Black Leadership Development’s Checkered History

Author Adolph Reed’s book, The Jug and its Con­tents: A Perspective on Black Political Develop­ment raises controversial but provocative questions about Black leadership and the devolving state of the “Black community.” His basic argument is the idea that there is a cohesive Black collectivity or iden­tity is a myth. He attempts to show why this myth was necessary after the Civil War in order to present a semblance of unity.