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African American-Owned Friday Redefines Holiday Shopping

As the holiday season approaches, a deliberate effort to wield economic influence in support of African, African American, and Afro Latino businesses gains prominence. The resonance of each dollar spent becomes an act of empowerment.

JCL Consulting Helps Agencies Strengthen Ties with Local Communities

JCL Consulting Group (JCL) provides equity-focused communication strategies, stakeholder engagement, and specialized training workshops for government agencies in California. In an interview on Tuesday April 25, JC Lacey, principal, gave the Sentinel insight on his career having over 15 years of public and community service in Los Angeles, and most recently becoming president of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce this Spring. With 2023 being the Chamber’s 90th anniversary, Lacey noted that he has three main goals this year.  The first is to host networking events each quarter to socialize and talk about business. Secondly, he aims to improve members’ online

HERstory: Kristel Jones, Kendra Settle, and Nicole “Cole” Mitchell

The month of February is dedicated to Black History Month where we honor and pay tribute to those who have made positive contributions to Black history. Historical figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and many more are often highlighted during this month. While we pay tribute to those who have fought for Black rights and equality, Black History Month is also devoted to acknowledging Black men and women who are currently impacting society in a positive way. Kristel Jones, Kendra Settle, and Nicole “Cole” Mitchell are three Black female entrepreneurs from California who are building a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Black Press of America Making Impact and Progress

While about 37,000 workers were laid off or furloughed at media companies like the Los Angeles Times, Condé Nast, The Dallas Morning News, Gannett, McClatchy, National Public Radio, and VOX, the NNPA added staff and expanded services to NNPA member publishers across the nation.

Bakewell Media launches ‘ Taste of Soul’s Support a Black Business Campaign’

Taste of Soul is more than a family festival, it is also an economic empowerment festival designed to spotlight our Black businesses in and around South Los Angeles. Although the COVID-19 pandemic canceled all events for 2020—our support for these businesses is never canceled. To that end, Bakewell Media has launched the ‘Support a Black Business Advertising Campaign.’

CBCF Embraces the Black Press

“Our Annual Legislative Conference is a gathering to develop solutions to the challenges facing black communities around the world through issues forums, brain trusts, a town hall meeting, networking sessions, and more,” said Congressional Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass (D-Calif.).

Detroit at crossroads 50 years after riots devastated city

Five days of violence would leave 33 blacks and 10 whites dead, and more than 1,400 buildings burned. More than 7,000 people were arrested.

A decline that had already begun would accelerate; Detroit was the nation’s fourth biggest city in 1960, but would rank 21st by 2016. The middle class fled, and a proud city fell into poverty, crime and hopelessness.