Keke Palmer (Courtesy photo)

As the holiday season approaches, a deliberate effort to wield economic influence in support of African, African American, and Afro Latino businesses gains prominence. The resonance of each dollar spent becomes an act of empowerment.

This year, a noteworthy collaboration between Google and the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. unveils a reimagined concept: African American-Owned Friday. This transformation aims to inspire consumers to align their purchases with their values, championing the cause of Black-owned businesses during this festive period.

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At the helm of this movement stands Google, joined by the multi-talented artist-entrepreneur Keke Palmer. Their partnership yields a thought-provoking film that redefines the traditional Black Friday experience. Palmer’s rendition of the iconic ’90s anthem, “100% Pure Love,” now metamorphosed into “Black-Owned Friday (100% Supporting),” featuring Crystal Waters, marks a celebration on the brink of the song’s 30th anniversary. Directed by Andre Muir, the film showcases 12 African American-owned businesses, 25 African American-owned brands, and over 50 unique products spanning the nation.

Within our community, a significant cultural and economic shift is underway, notably led by African American Gen Z. Brands, particularly those historically white-owned, have taken notice, seeking to tap into the immense economic potential of this demographic. Their research unveils a striking trend: while most of Gen Z leans towards reduced religious or spiritual inclinations, Black Gen Z embraces a deep belief in a higher power, resonating with the broader African American community’s spiritual essence.

The numbers speak volumes: our community boasts an estimated $1.6 trillion in spending power. It’s a call to action, urging us to redirect a portion of this wealth back into our communities.

For those eager to engage in this transformative movement, serves as a portal to support 100% Black-owned businesses this holiday season and beyond

Diana Patricia Nembhard, co-owner of International Beauty Supply and a featured business this year, fervently advocates for sustained support of African American-owned enterprises. Her blog resonates the importance of bolstering these businesses not just during the holidays but throughout the year.

This season, let’s seize the opportunity to celebrate and uplift our communities by rallying behind African American-owned businesses, embodying the spirit of empowerment through mindful consumption.

Discover more at and be part of the movement to empower through support.