April Verrett

Report Outlines Steps to End Anti-Black Racism in L.A.

An extensive report detailing steps to dismantle institutional anti-Black racism in Los Angeles was released on August 19.  Authored by The Committee for Greater L.A. (CGLA), the document contains recommendations in seven critical areas that are priorities for African Americans.

Making Los Angeles Whole: Radical Recovery for All Angelinos

We call on the City of Los Angeles to direct a $1 billion dollar investment over the next two years towards poor and working-class families hit hardest by COVID, and develop a formula targeting 80% of the resources towards communities hardest hit by COVID.  Those funds should be accountable to the people so that we see results for dollars spent. 


  “The data that was recently shared on the persistent, growing and deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in California nursing homes is a clarion call to action for all of us. This deadly pandemic is targeting our most vulnerable elders. Those charged with caring for them – low wage workers, almost always women – are walking into infection zones without the most basic of protections. Immediate testing of all residents and staff must be required as well as 100% daily reporting on infection rates from all skilled nursing facilities in the state. Raincoats and rags turned into isolation gowns and face