Baseball Hall of Fame to Honor Hank Aaron with Statue Unveiling; U.S.P.S. to Issue Commemorative Stamp

“Henry would be as thrilled as I am to see his statue at the National Baseball Hall of Fame,” expressed Aaron’s widow Billye Aaron. “His life embodied hope and perseverance, inspiring generations to pursue their dreams despite obstacles. This tribute is a testament to his love for the game and his desire to inspire young boys and girls everywhere.”

Community Build Salutes Heroes And Sheroes

Community Build, Inc. celebrated three decades of providing “a culture of care” by paying tribute to community heroes and sheroes at their 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Honoring the Revolution in Watts

On August 11, the uprisings that took place in 1965 are still felt today. The “Watts Rebellion,” marched to a familiar tune of racial injustice. The tip of the iceberg that had a titanic effect on the local community, was fueled by a police act.

Recognizing the Centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

The Tulsa Race Massacre is a prime example of inflaming issues and ignoring history. They both significantly lead to the inability and failure to learn the real lessons that true history can teach us. It was the inflammatory reporting of the chance encounter of a young Black man, Dick Rowland; and a young white elevator operator, Sarah Page, that ignited one of the deadliest episodes of racial violence in our nation’s history.

Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center, a center in South Los Angeles dedicated to peace and non-violence, celebrated its 35th Anniversary on Saturday, September 26, 2020. Honor was given to the Ancient Ceremonies offered by the Native Chiefs and Sacred Grandmothers of Turtle Island. Their legacy, which goes back to the beginning of time and not just 500 years as often cited, is often misunderstood. During the anniversary celebration, Rev. Mataji, founder of the center, told stories of their legacies, aided by pictures and songs. Included were stories on the great Lakota Nation, the Ancient Pueblo People, and the Chumash People.