Alyssah Hall

Michelle Chambers Running for and by the People in Race for Senate District 35

“I was asked to run for this seat, which is another blessing in itself. It really shows a testament of the faith that other leaders have in you -that they sought me out for this seat. To receive the blessing of the incumbent Just made it impossible for me to even deny,” Michelle Chambers, who is running for City District 35 State Senate said.

Monumental Effort Underway to Get Out the Vote! 

In preparation for the upcoming election season, over 36 collaborators and partners, including Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, president of the Ward Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), Dr. Carliss R. McGhee, and Danny Bakewell, Jr. of the LA Sentinel, will be gathering for The Rosa Parks Birthday Outing, and to demonstrate the importance of voting.  

Councilwoman Heather Hutt Fights for Rights of Working Families in Campaign for Reelection

As a child, Heather Hutt spent most of her time in City Hall with her mother, who worked for a Los Angeles City Council member. Hutt’s upbringing in this environment instilled in her the desire for public and community servitude and foretold her incumbency as the first Councilwoman for the Los Angeles’ 10th District, which she intends to keep.

McKinney Aims to Bring Balance to Criminal Justice System in Race for L.A. District Attorney

“I think Mr. Gascón has taken us a little too far to one side, and we’ve lost our ability to hold people accountable. If we can’t hold people accountable, we can’t rehabilitate. We can’t correct behavior. We can’t make people who are actually victims of crime feel that they’ve received some sense of justice, so that’s really what’s driving me,” said deputy district attorney John Mckinney, who is running for Los Angeles District Attorney.

Christopher Darden Stands Up for Justice in Run for L.A. County Superior Court Judge

With over 44 years of legal experience under his belt, including 16 years as a prosecutor, five years as a law professor at Southwestern University School of Law, running his private practice since the late 90s and much more, Christopher Darden believes his legal experience combined with his life experience gives him a unique perspective and makes him the best candidate in the running for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge.