Michelle Chambers (Courtesy photo)

“I was asked to run for this seat, which is another blessing in itself. It really shows a testament of the faith that other leaders have in you -that they sought me out for this seat. To receive the blessing of the incumbent Just made it impossible for me to even deny,” said Michelle Chambers, who is running for State Senate District 35.

Chambers prayed about it and contemplated getting back into being an elected official. She went outside her door and saw people living in the streets, unhoused, expenses of childcare and housing going up, and other detrimental issues.

She felt that she needed to serve people on a higher level in order to be more effective. Chambers said, “God, I’m not done yet.

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“I’m not a politician. I’m a public servant. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years — this is my calling and I found it. It takes time, it takes you to work in something where one, you love it, and two, It doesn’t feel like work. I got my biggest love from helping people -from making someone’s life better,” she said.

Chambers feels she is the best candidate for this position because she’s the only candidate to serve this entire district in multiple capacities for the past 15 years straight. In all levels of government from Congress to the assembly to the county.

“I show up, I’m responsive, I’m attentive, I’m accessible and that’s what they love about me, they can call me. My staff used to say I’m too accessible – that’s what you’re supposed to be.  You should never be too anything when it comes to serving your community,” Chambers said.

One of the initiatives Chambers is focused on is working with local elected officials and addressing the unhoused community members.

“Everyone deserves a plate and a roof over their head. Everyone. Every child, mother, senior. And I don’t like to see animals walking in the rain. I want to work with our shelters in L.A. City and L.A. County,” Chambers said.

Chambers wants to enact job creation and retention and said it is necessary to make sure to provide the community with livable wages. She has an abundance of experience in investing in her community and working families.

Chambers also plans to support and start up policies that are geared toward accessible and affordable quality healthcare. Chambers notes that she has great allies in District 35 that she plans to utilize saying, “I can’t do this by myself.”

Last, but not least, mental health and substance abuse is an issue that hits close to home for Chambers. She lost her brother to fentanyl on Sept. 6, 2021.

Chambers said she would like to tackle and get more resources and funding opportunities for those who are struggling with mental health and drug abuse issues in her district. She added that people often think mental health only affects adults, but it affects children too, who she also wants to help and address.

“Because of so many supporters, those who endorse me, the community, the faith-based organizations, the community-business organizations, because of all of them we’re here and I want to thank them all so much,” Chambers said.

“Because it is them that got me to where I am. This is not my campaign. This is their campaign.”