Councilwoman Heather Hutt (Courtesy photo)

As a child, Heather Hutt spent most of her time in City Hall with her mother, who worked for a Los Angeles City Councilmember.

Hutt’s upbringing in this environment instilled in her the desire for public and community servitude and foretold her incumbency as the first Councilwoman for the Los Angeles’ 10th District, which she intends to keep.

Hutt leads a career that includes, but is not limited to, being a homecare worker with SEIU, founding her own small business, and serving as Statewide Director for California to then-U.S. Senator Kamala Harris.

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“I’m committed to fighting for the rights of working people and their families, and I won’t back down. One thing my life and career has taught me — if you don’t fight, push, and demand your rights, you simply won’t get them,” Hutt said.

As a proud resident of the 10th district, Hutt feels she understands the needs of her community the best. She has a long history of accomplishment in her district, the networks necessary to get results, and she’s implementing successful programs to address environmental issues and challenges facing the community and city, according to Hutt.

“I’m not a career politician looking for my next seat. I come from the trenches of implementing policy and building coalitions – in other words, I’m the one who gets things done instead of just taking credit,” Hutt said.

Hutt has dedicated her career and life to advocating and serving disenfranchised and marginalized communities. She said she will continue to carry out this commitment as the Councilmember for the 10th District.

“My family has lived in this district for generations. This foundation, along with my professional matriculation, has allowed me to be an ally to so many different groups and coalitions. I am very proud of the diversity of Council District 10 and truly believe this diversity makes it the jewel of the entire city of Los Angeles,” Hutt said.

Since Hutt’s tenure, she and her very experienced team have worked hard to house the unhoused, increase and accelerate city services and resources to residents, and partnered with labor unions, non-profits, and their community groups.

“I was able to secure more funding for the 10th District than any prior Councilmember in the recently adopted budget including, but not limited to, $8 million in library and parks projects, $300,000 for a domestic violence shelter project, over $1 million for new homeless services, over $1 million for cultural programs and projects, and $300,000 for a new college success program for our youth,” Hutt said.

Priorities Hutt would like to focus on if reelected include investing in housing, jobs and the city’s infrastructure. Hutt hopes to make Los Angeles a safe, affordable place to live and address the homelessness crisis by housing the unhoused and building an adequate supply of affordable homes.

Hutt also wishes to support small businesses and bring high-paying middle-class jobs to the community through investment in public infrastructure, project labor agreements for city construction projects, targeted hiring policies for city residents, and expanding access to after-school and apprenticeship programs that set up children to thrive.

“My office developed a comprehensive city-based resource guide that highlights organizations and businesses dedicated to supporting Black women and girls who have experienced violence or abuse. Our office also actively works to provide seniors with the tools to safeguard against scams, as well as access to resources that enable them to stay active, enjoy recreational activities, and make the most of everything our city has to offer,” Hutt said.