affordable housing crisis

CPR Foundation Invites Churches to Partner in Health Outreach

The Cynthia Perry Ray Foundation (CPRF) increased its campaign to improve the health L.A.-area residents by urging churches to spread the wellness message with their congregations. Hosting a community gathering on June 27, CPRF president Dr. Kathye Jenkins and the group’s Witness2Fitness team held an open meeting with pastors and representatives of more than 40 houses of worship. CPRF’s goal was to connect churches with information and resources for healthy, spiritual and sustainable living. “We have brought together faith leaders, healthcare providers and other agencies to consider being part of a sustainable development agenda to improve health and wellness,” said

Report Reveals Disturbing Gap Between Cost of Living and Actual Wages in L.A.

A recent report by the USC Price Center for Social Innovation revealed that Los Angeles’ job market may not be sustainable under an ever increasing affordable housing crisis. The city’s fastest growing industries, including healthcare, food service and technical services are hurting, said researchers, because workers cannot afford to live in the L.A. area. High living costs are forcing longer commutes, making it harder to recruit and retain workers.