Dr. Jeanette Parker (file photo)

This historical journey you are taking with me dates back to about 1921-1491BC capturing when the promise” made to Abraham and confirmed through his son, Isaac and grandson, Jacob [the Patriarchs]. This promise of land and seed is critical biblical history relevant today and into the millennium. Christians’ have inheritance as “spiritual seed” of Abraham.

While studying, I was interested in understanding the importance of why God disagreed with Abraham and Isaac to go down to Egypt?? Isaiah (30:2; 31:1), the prophet, pronounces a “Woe” on those who go down to Egypt” Why? They ask for help and in so doing, they became dependent on Egypt and eventually became enslaved by Egypt. God (Jehovah) eventually delivered the Israelites from the bondage. So, here is the point here and it’s a life lesson. Do you remember your mother or father would say and there was a song, like this, “God bless the child who’s got his own.”

Same thing here. If someone keeps accepting handouts, eventually they become dependent; can’t make it on their own, which destroys initiative, imagination, creativity and hinders the ability to make a living, because of dependency. It’s like a little girl who has a doll with no clothes. The doll had clothes. The clothes became tattered, lost. She knew the doll had clothes; begins to figure out what to do about getting more clothes.

She enjoyed having a doll with clothes. It was more fun. She begins to figure out about getting more clothes; using her creative imagination to restore what she lost. Same with people. We had everything; privileges, blessings. Now, we have to travel the long journey back to restore what was lost! The little girl says, “Do I figure this out?” Do I steal some new clothes or think this through? Being given everything lowers one’s personal dignity, integrity can create a “sense of entitlement.”  People need work to develop gifts and talents. Don’t go down to Egypt. The ancient Israelites lost a lot of time wandering 40 years in the wilderness.

God said, “possess the land of Canaan.” They scouted the land to see what was there; discovering the land was plentiful. The grapes were huge; had to be carried on long sticks by more than one person! Returning from scouting, the majority report excluding Joshua and Caleb was intimidating. Saying, “There are giants in the land!” “We looked like grasshoppers” compared to them. Their faith and opportunity withered; didn’t believe what God had said! Many do not believe the promises God, already given in the spiritual realm? Looking through the peephole, from a panoramic view into the future, our blessings have been pronounced and spiritually received. Hear them! Believe God!  Teach the Children.

Jeanette Grattan Parker, Ph.D. Founder/Superintendent Today’s Fresh Start Charter School: author“Will You Marry Me? Inquiring Minds Want To Know”  copyright all rights reserved. [email protected][references: Jewish Study Bible, Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible