Los Angeles High School senior LeTroy Pruitt Jr enjoys learning science and English (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

LeTroy Pruitt Jr. was excited to be able to compete during his senior year after the pandemic ruined his chances of competing as a junior. This was his first year playing for the Los Angeles Romans football team, he played offensive right guard and defensive nose tackle.

“This is my last year, I got to make it count,” Pruitt Jr said. “I couldn’t wait until the first day of practice just to get pads and practice and games … the home crowds cheering you on, I was really excited to experience that again.”

He began practicing with the team in the late spring and built strong bonds with his teammates, being an upperclassman, he works to encourage his younger teammates.

“It is a good feeling knowing that you have an influence, and you can uplift people,” Pruitt Jr said. “I always push them to try their best, even when they’re feeling down, they’re feeling tired.”

One of his favorite moments was the Romans’ 68-0 win over West Adams. Pruitt Jr noted how his teammates believed they could execute their gameplan.

“We had a level of confidence that we never had before,” he said. “[L.A. High head coach Anthony Jackson], his pep talks really clicked in our head and we soaked that in like a sponge and we got the job done.”

To get his homework done, Pruitt Jr relies on time management. He enjoys learning science and English.

“Biology, chemistry, physics, those are really interesting to me,” he said. “I love English too. I love writing essays, writing stories.”

Pruitt Jr began playing varsity football in the 10th grade, he had to get adjusted to the rapid gameplay of varsity football. During the pandemic, he had to regain his motivation.

“My uncle would take me to Del Amo park in Carson,” Pruitt Jr. said. “We would do some footwork drills, some D-linemen drills.”

Pruitt Jr’s father also played football and turned down a college football scholarship in order to raise him. Pruitt Jr. plays football to continue his father’s legacy. The best piece of advice he received was to play hard every chance he gets.

“Always try your hardest, every play, because you never know what play can be your last play,” Pruitt Jr said. “I’ve got a lot of great advice from all my coaches I had.”

Pruitt Jr. loves being social and being involved with his community. He helps his church feed the homeless during Thanksgiving and Christmas; he aspires to give back more when he is older. Pruitt Jr. also enjoys reading, drawing, and painting.

“When I draw, I draw cartoon characters,” Pruitt Jr said. “When I paint, I close my eyes and I imagine what I see in my head and naturally, I start painting away.”