Price senior guard Dylan Daniels enjoys learning about Spanish and Health (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Frederick K.C. Price school senior guard Dylan Daniels is proud to be a member of a winning team. The Price Knights boys basketball team has a 13-4 overall record and a 3-1 harbor league record. Daniels mentioned how the team has good chemistry on and off the field.

“We all like each other, we all like to be around each other,” he said. “We make school fun and on the court, it’s all business with each other and we get it done.”

The Knights engage in several activities outside of school as well, including playing Call of Duty and NBA 2K, getting food together, or going to the gym. The Knights do not allow their winning record to become a reason to underestimate their opponents.

“It doesn’t matter who we play, we all go out and play hard as we can no matter what their record is or what our record is,” Daniels said. “We go out there as 0-0, have to win the game.”

When he was younger, Daniels competed in football until his mother took him to a basketball camp at Westchester high school.

“After that, I just love basketball,” Daniels said. “[I] never went back to football.”

The transition from junior varsity basketball to varsity was difficult on Daniels because he did not get as much playing time as he did on the JV level. Daniels also struggled to get playing time during the 2020-2021 season.

“In the beginning of the pandemic, I wasn’t putting in as much work in,” Daniels said. “I figured out later, I could put more work in than what I was doing and now I’m progressing a little bit and gotten better.”

Daniels knows that academics should be a top priority for any athlete and shows by when he starts his homework.

“I try to get my work done before my practice,” he said. “If I still have more, go to practice, go hard, go back home, get it done too.”

His favorite classes are Spanish and Health. He enjoyed learning about how the body works and how it recovers.

Daniels lives with Type 1 diabetes, and he must keep track of his blood sugar levels, especially during practice.

“Sometimes if my body is not feeling energized and right, I know my blood sugar is higher or if I feel drowsy, it’s low so I go check it and see what the levels are,” he said. “It does get hard at times, but I got to tell myself to keep going, you’re just like everybody else.

Daniels used to be a shy kid until middle school when his mother signed him up for a contest that required public speaking.

“We had to come up with a business plan by a due date and go in front of a select few people, I’d say about 300 people, to present the business plan,” Daniels said. “That’s when my confidence grew.”

While excelling on the court, the Knights took time out to give back to their community by feeding the homeless.