Along with running track and being a cheerleader, View Park junior Deiarie Banks is a secretary for Student Council (Courtesy Photo)

View Park junior Deiarie Banks knows way more than just how to outrun her opponent. Being captain of the Knights’ track and field team, she learned how to boost the morale of her teammates while performing at a high level.

Track season in 2019 was a trying time for the View Park Knights as they were mourning the loss of entrepreneur and rapper Nipsey Hussle. One way to keep the team in good spirits was leading by example.

“I had to show out for the team, I had to be up there for everyone,” Banks said. “I made sure that everybody was comfortable in what they were doing.”

Banks also held her teammates accountable by making sure they made it to practice on time and ensuring they were focused on bettering themselves.

Her talent and leadership helped the Knights girls Fosh-Soph track team to the City Section Championships last year and during her freshman year. In 2019, she qualified for the 100m, 200m and the 4x100m.

Banks came in second in her individual events, making a 12.83s time for the 100m and a 26.77s time for the 200m. The 4x100m squad came in 5th with a 53.44s time. For the 4x100m, Banks usually runs anchor.

“I’m anchor because I’m one of the fastest girls on the team,” Banks said. “For me, the only thing I’m thinking of is getting the baton around.”

After track season is over, Banks prepares for cheerleading. Her cheerleading duties last until the beginning of the track season. Watching her sisters in cheer competitions when she was younger inspired Banks to do cheerleading; now, cheerleading helps her prepare for track.

“In the summer, I’m already in shape to do jumps or whatever choreography that we’re doing,” Banks said. “It keeps me in shape all year long.”

Banks was devastated when she found out the track season was canceled due to COVID-19, but she found ways to stay fit.

“I’ve been making my own smoothies and I’ve been walking around the block,” Banks said. “I still have been doing workouts, like stretches … push-ups and sit-ups.”

This past semester, Banks took an advanced Algebra 2 class; her favorite class is AP History.

“History, you learn so much,” she said. “It shows you the times and how it was back then compared to how it is now.”

Banks is also secretary of Student Council and helped them host events. Highlights of her time with Student Council were when she helped put together a Spirit Week and a Halloween festival.

“My best one was probably our Halloween fest,” Banks said. “We had food and we had music and we actually put together a haunted house.”

Although her school activities and studies are a major priority, Banks has also made time to serve the community by volunteering for The Youth Center at City of Refuge Church.

“We pack lunches for different daycares and ship them off,” Banks said. “It’s a program called Food for Family … we send a lot of food to them, packed lunches and drinks.”

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