Channon Anderson & Kelly Chapman (Shelby Stephens)

Best friends and business partners, Channon Anderson and Kelly Chapman, are sharing their experiences through fashion with Fully Loaded Los Angeles. Their approach to casual and athletic leisure is innovative yet nostalgic. Although the two entrepreneurs don’t have backgrounds in design, their brand reflects carefully thought-out concepts that resonate with men and women across all ages. They are rebranding the idea of streetwear.

During Black Business Month, Anderson and Chapman sat down with the Los Angeles Sentinel to discuss their start, how the company is building legacy, and its rapid growth over the last two years. Fully Loaded takes pride in where they’ve been but are even more focused on where they’re going.

Both Anderson and Chapman have always had entrepreneurial spirits. Independence was instilled in them at young ages from working construction, selling candy at school, throwing parties, and eventually merchandising vintage hats. Their work ethic and close relationship led them to start a business highlighting the Black experience.

Channon Anderson & Kelly Chapman (Shelby Stephens)

When asked about the root of the brand, Anderson shared that the company started as a cannabis venture that quickly transitioned into clothing. “I asked five people whose input I trusted and gave them a list of five different brand names. Because we started as a cannabis company, everyone was attracted to the name ‘Fully Loaded Cannabis.’ We transitioned to Fully Loaded Clothing and now we’re Fully Loaded Los Angeles. Our tagline is ‘Fully Loaded Enjoy the Experience’ so we want to ensure that everything associated with us, whether that’s through a purchase, a conversation, or an event, it’s an experience. Our goal is to share those experiences through the fashion.”

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In the beginning Chapman took the lead on most of the designs, while Anderson built the brand up by using his popularity to harness the attention of regular customers and celebrities. The college educated duo used their skills to execute marketing campaigns, scale the business, and secure a storefront on Crenshaw Blvd. Chapman believes maintaining consistency has allowed the brand to stay relevant in an everchanging climate surrounding small businesses.

“One of the challenges we’ve faced was getting over some of the stigmas around Black businesses. Maintaining consistency allows our customers to get the same positive experience every time. There will always be outside stuff that has nothing to do with the business, but staying focused and dedicated helps you overcome those challenges.”

After participating in a few pop-up shops and local vendor events, the men of Fully Loaded were in the market for a homebase to curate all their designs and connect with the community. In 2023, the company celebrated the grand opening of their store and three years in business. Anderson and Chapman are actively building a legacy for themselves and their families.

Fully Loaded Los Angeles Store (Shelby Stephens)

Anderson shared, “My kids keep me inspired. Allowing them to see us build something from the ground up. My son Chase created his own t-shirt and that hit home for me. I always tell myself ‘we might not be the only two people that advance the brand, my kids, or his kids [when he has one] might be.’ We walked so they can run.” Chapman added, “being a part of this resurgence in L.A. coming out of the pandemic as one of the new brands setting precedence for what the industry is going to look like in the future. We’ve come a long way and now to having a store we continue to evolve.”

Anderson and Chapman encourage young business owners to never get too high and never get too low in the pursuit of their dreams. Humbleness and gratitude have afforded them a lot of grace and patience on their journey. Chapman said, “Stay inspired, stay a student. If you have to take a class or read a book to stay the course, do it. Know the field you’re in and study it. Have a thirst for knowledge. We’re always looking for what’s new and what’s next.”

In the next five to ten years Fully Loaded plans to expand into other markets that promote creativity and wellness. The brand is expected to begin hosting events to engage with the community. Anderson and Chapman are here to stay.

Shop Fully Loaded online at Fully Loaded Clothing, in-person at 4108 S Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90008, or view their latest drops on Instagram at Enjoy The Experience (@fullyloadedlosangeles).