Multi-hyphenated artist, Flozigg (Courtesy of Flozigg/ photo by GoodJobDennis)

Multi-hyphenated artist Flozigg released audible narratives with double entendres’—as it pertains to the color and the meaning— “Sage,” is the newest series coming online.

The Los Angeles Sentinel had an exclusive interview with the Flozigg; he explained the soul he puts into the sound he produces. Flozigg considered the range of titles he wears to complete seamless projects. He confirmed the ear he has for his albums—not only as the artist, but as a producer as well. He spoke about the knowledge he utilizes as a producer to strengthen the execution of the vision for his sound.

Thinking about his connection to music, Flozigg said, “I feel like it (music) has been something I been tapped into to, but I didn’t always understand what it was, and I felt like I didn’t need to know because it was just something I did—something that I enjoyed.”

(Courtesy of Flozigg/ photo by GoodJobDennis)

Reflecting on the process that led him to style and music aura, Flozigg painted a vivid picture of being introduced to music created by Michael Jackson and paying attention to the intention behind Jackson’s artistry. Flozigg began making music in middle school, he released his first sound in the eighth grade. Now at 22, Flozigg has over a million plays across multiple social media and audio streaming platforms. Flozigg is the main producer and mastered his projects as an independent artist.

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Flozigg produces a comprehensive audio narrative that checks off multiple boxes in genres of music, the artist said his sound could be perceived as jazz, indie-pop, new-age funk, r&b, rap, and soul. This is displayed on Flozigg’s EP, “Beige.” The song “4Life,” shares alternative sound waves, paired with heart gripping lyrics of self-realization and the practice of being happy with a personal perception of life—rather than what is projected. Other highlighted melodies on “Beige,” include “Inner Piece,” featuring the one-of-kind melodic flow from talented artist, Eimizah.

“4Life” is one of Flozigg’s favorite songs from his catalogue, “When I feel like a song just passes through and I’m just the person interpreting—I call it a download,” he continued, “It (4Life) scratches that part of my brain and I’m excited to explore that more,” Flozigg said. He defined the location of the song flowing through him from a place of higher power and connection.

Growing up in New Jersey, Flozigg explained his childhood and being raised in an African household.  His origins start with a lineage that streamlines to Ghana, Africa.  As the first generation experiencing western culture as a dominate reference to development, he added that he picked up on a wide range of audible samples, opening him up to exploring all types of music and provided the depth in what he produces now. “I kind of took a piece from everywhere I been,” Flozigg said.

(Courtesy of Flozigg/ photo by GoodJobDennis)

Flozigg curated a space for education, he took community college courses while he is attending high school. Flozigg is the oldest of two siblings and currently gearing up to release, “Sage.”

Flozigg dived into the upcoming series, as it’s about to join his collection released tracks, he said, “Sage signifies clearing the air, but on a different note—I’m continuing the color theory type series—’Burgundy,’ ‘Beige,’ and ‘Sage’—I feel like the way that I’m approaching it, I want the color to be a frame going into the project, this is the world I want you to feel when you listen to the project.”

Tune into Flozigg through all major streaming platforms and follow his Instagram @Flozigg