J Cruz poses for picture with Rich The Kid

Saturday—August 10, debuts 92.3’s Real Street Festival, located at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. The two-day affair hosted an array of Hip Hop’s hottest attractions, saucing a roster of more than 30 acts and guest appearances; such as, Cardi B, Meek Mill, Migos, Future, Big Sean, Jay Rock, YG, RJ “Mr. LA,” Lil Baby, Trippie Redd, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and many more.

Real Street Fest took place on a 650,000 square-foot lot Aug. 10-11. General admission granted access to two adjacent outdoor stages, and an indoor arena transformed into a Big Boy’s neighborhood. Providing festival attendees with the much-needed air-conditioned getaway from the outside heat. Inside the arena, syndicated radio host, Big Boy conducted disclosed interviews with artists like Jay Rock, Blueface, Rich The Kid, Megan Thee Stallion just to name a few.

Many fans got the chance to take pictures and talk music with their favorite artists, as well as participate in the varied festivities; such as, the West Coast Customs car exhibit (including Post Malone’s 1992 Ford Explorer), Cantu’s presented Brotherhood Barbershop, nail salon, digital graffiti wall, mini arcade(s), and conceptual backdrops for a fan photo shoot.

The late Nipsey Hussle’s presence was immediately felt with a vibrant mural where fans were able to take photos and pay their respects. Further, a Mack Miller mural was also painted in respects to support another of Hip Hop’s fallen soldiers.

Big Boy talks memories with Grammy Award winning producer E-Love.

Street Fest was a great place to recognize new Hip Hop artists many haven’t heard or seen perform. When I asked Maxo Kreme about how it feels to perform at the first year of Real Street, he responded, “It feels great, LA is my new official second home!” Female rap artist Saweetie said, “The fact that I went to school [USC] out here, now I’m performing at one of the biggest festivals as a main artist; I’m grateful and thankful for that.” Legendary Producer Battcat said, “It’s a new generation that needs us. We won’t step away; we won’t alienate them. It’s so necessary to bridge the gap between the older generation and the new generation.”

When I asked Big Boy about his approach to gather the hottest artist at Real Street Fest he stated, “It was a team thing. We got a lot of good people who do a lot of great work. We get together with the right people and then brand with them.” Radio host and the people’s voice, J Cruz said, “Our listeners are the best listeners in the world, they give us their energy and we feed off that energy. At the end of the day, time is really all we have; anytime, [the people] give us their time, we owe [them] the world. If we can entertain [them] for even a minute, we appreciate it.”

Some of the most memorable performances were Trippie Redd, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Migos and Cardi B. Trippie Redd energized spectators with his melodic transitions between songs. Then pumping up the crowd, colliding his energetic vocals with the musical breakdown of bass infused instrumentals. Meek Mill gave a classic performance, honoring late friends; such as Nipsey Hussle and “anyone who’s ever lost someone to the streets, to cancer, or to the judicial system.”

Blueface gets ready for his Interview with Big Boy

Migos gave an amazing performance, showcasing their cerebral skills; as a result, of their journey to becoming iconic members music industry. Migos embodied a vibration that exudes through them to the crowd; almost, like you have teleported into another world of “drip.” Cardi B gave the crowd amazing energy that was essential to ASAP Rocky closing the show.

Rapper ASAP Rocky closed out the inaugural Real Street Festival to crown a spectacular weekend of Hip Hop. After rocking the crowd with Tyler the Creator, Rocky silenced the blaring, and composed the remaining pits of moshing human bodies to share his thoughts on his open-ended legal issues in Sweden. Rocky said to a sea of spectators, “I’m so happy to be here right now. That was a scary, humbling experience, but I’m here right now. God is good.” Rocky went from Swedish jail straight to the Real Street concert stage a week after his return to the states (Aug. 2).

The overall conscience of Real Street Fest was that we are all witnessing a legendary hip hop moment. All the artist appreciated the platform, and they all surpassed anticipation. This festival will be referenced like Snoop Dogg’s famous performance of “Murder was the Case” at the MTV Awards, latter turning himself into police custody after the performance. Hip Hop fans will be talking about Real 92.3 Real Street Fest for a long time to come. This past weekend was a sanctuary for Hip Hop, and a big thanks should go to Real 92.3 for bringing people together who are not the same but love Hip Hop.