The Los Angeles Rams practice in front of fans at Safi Stadium (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

The Los Angeles Rams are back in action. They were able to have their first open practice with fans. Over 30,000 fans attended the minicamp, and it was the first time they saw the new stadium and new uniforms in person.

Fans enjoyed watching players compete without their pads and watching new players such as Matt Stafford and DeSean Jackson for the first time in action. The Rams have plenty of support from the community this season.

Rams head coach Sean McVay (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

There are high expectations for the Rams this season. The head coach said Sean McVay he’s been in a great space and became a better coach these last few months. “There’s a lot of things going on that I feel really good about. We got a lot of good work this in offseason, and we’re healthy.”

Many people took his words out of context. “I hate I have to address this. I am excited, but not due to the departure of Jared. He’s done a lot of great this here over the years. Don’t twist my words because I didn’t say that.”

Rams wide receiver Robert Woods (21) (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

McVay and players talked about how loud the stadium will be during game time. “I told the players, man can you imagine how rocking this thang is going to be on Sunday night football when we open up against the bears. That has me excited.”

According to McVay, traffic held everyone back from starting on time, which held the practice back one hour. During the practice, everyone was building their bonds and getting to know another. They were also getting acquainted with the new Ram coaches.

A Rams helmets sits on the field on Sofi Stadium (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

When camp starts, McVay expects everyone to report. By the time opening day comes, the Rams see themselves ready to perform at a high level.

Many players are fighting for a roster spot. McVay says he feels really good about the roster they have right now. He states every spot is competitive in all positions, but the team will take a deeper look when training camp starts. The Rams don’t plan to play that many players during preseason games.

Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp (10) (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

Ram coaches were highly impressed with their rookies: Tutu Atwell and Jabob Harries. The NFLPA selected them to be the Rookie Premier class. The two studs are projected to be starters sometime this season. 

The Rams are not worried about pressure this off-season. McVay says his guys know that pressure is a part of Football. “If you’re avoiding pressure this game is not for you. I’m not worried about an outside perspective. We accomplish our goals one day at a time.”

Rams running back Jake Funk (34) (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)

Vaccination stands were set up for the players at the arena. McVay says they haven’t gotten full clarification on the vaccines. He says they are waiting on directions from the league. “Everybody throws around this 85%. What does that exactly mean? The number one important thing is being considerate to these guys. There are a lot of different reasons people feel comfortable or they might not. We have to be understanding to everybody’s approach.” 

Fans look forward to filling up the arena as much they can to support the Rams and new their arena So-Fi Stadium.

Rams corner David Long Jr. (22) (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)
Rams kicker Matt Gay (8) (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)
Rams quarterback Matt Stafford (Robert Torrence/L.A. Sentinel)