Kaiser Permanente Awards $40,000 Grant to Waters Employment Preparation Center

Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center on May 10, presented LAUSD’s Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center with a $40,000 community health grant aimed at helping students pursue healthcare careers as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs). The new funding will enable LAUSD to purchase brand new training materials for its free Vocational Nursing Program that primarily serves students in Watts. These include Smart Scopes, Integrated Diagnostic Systems, CPR mannequins, and virtual reality medical training gear, all of which are essential equipment needed as part of the students’ LVN training program. Related Stories Clippers HBCU Night Unifies Alums, Informs Youth Lara Adekoya is Bringing

AFL-CIO Report Exposes Deepening Racial Disparities in Workplace Safety

The AFL-CIO, a coalition representing 12.5 million workers across various unions, has released its 33rd annual report, “Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect,” uncovering troubling racial disparities in workplace safety. The report’s findings, based on the most recent data available, underscore the urgent need for policymakers, regulatory bodies, and employers to confront the disproportionate rates of fatalities, injuries, and illnesses faced by workers of color

True Romance

Taylor and Jeyde Mitchell owe their relationship to crowded public transportation, chivalry and a mutual friend. The 2023 graduates of Santa Monica College met as teens while riding a Los Angeles Metro bus.

Providing A Pathway for Next Generation of Black Pilots

Robert Sausedo, president of the South L.A. nonprofit organization Community Build, Inc., directs over a dozen programs that provide assistance and support services for youth and young adults.  Willie Daniels is the president of Shades of Blue, a nonprofit organization that trains youth for careers in aviation.  Together, the two expanded Shades of Blue’s reach and number of aviation workshops.

Community Banking to Community Building

JPMorgan Chase is helping to drive sustainable changes through its five-year $30 billion racial equity commitment. With a business-led approach, this commitment aims to help address key drivers of the racial wealth divide in Black, Latino and Hispanic communities by investing in them directly.

Teacher Shortages are Real, But Not for the Reasons You Heard

Everywhere, it seems, back-to-school has been shadowed by worries of a teacher shortage. The U.S. education secretary has called for investment to keep teachers from quitting. A teachers union leader has described it as a five-alarm emergency. News coverage has warned of a crisis in teaching. In reality, there is little evidence to suggest teacher turnover has increased nationwide or educators are leaving in droves. Certainly, many schools have struggled to find enough educators. But the challenges are related more to hiring, especially for non-teaching staff positions. Schools flush with federal pandemic relief money are creating new positions and struggling