Hip-Hop legend talks new movie ‘The High Note’ and Black life in exclusive interview.

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP)

Black Press USA is the harmonious sound of media publication in America for the Black community; publishers, editors, and journalist of color seek the truth and highlight what is under-reported in mainstream media. Standing behind the Voice of The Black Community; President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis joined movie mogul and legendary rapper, Ice Cube to discuss the importance of Black media for the collective, and to highlight  Ice Cube’s creative projects, such as the Big 3 Basketball League and a recent feature film, “The High Note.”

Senior National Correspondent for the NNPA, Stacy Brown and Dr. Chavis virtually sat down with musical icon, Ice Cube, to discuss the significance of Black media and its impact on future generations of color. Ice Cube was asked to give an encouraging word to Black America as we triumph through this viral pandemic.  The hip-hop icon stated, “I think it’s time for us to really put our arms around each other.” Ice cube continued, “Everybody has been on their own page for so long, since we had these phones and computers, all this stuff going on. Everybody has forgot to look at the importance of family and supporting each other. We been through tougher times …” he proceeded to speak about the unity needed within our community to overcome this pandemic; he spoke about respecting the elders and relying heavily within each other for guidance to healing.

Chavis prompted Ice cube to speak on his new projects he’s been working on through this season. The latest edition to the CubeVision movie collection is “The High Note,” looking to launch on May 29. Cube explained that the movie gives the audience a “behind-the-curtains” view at the livelihood of a music icon trying to maintain relevancy within the music industry, and the struggles of breaking through as an up-and-coming artist.  The music was constructed by notable producer Rodney Jerkins; the premise of the story is about a middle-aged music sensation and an overlooked personal assistant who’s stuck running errands, but aspires to become a music producer. There is a fork in a road between the superstar’s career that ultimately requires the talent of her personal assistant. The movie will be available by PPV, the cast includes Tracee Ellis Ross, Dakota Johnson, and Ice Cube, himself.

Additionally, The “Big 3” Basketball League is another project Cube launched with entertainment executive, Jeff Kwatinetz. Founded in 2017, the league of twelve teams consists of a lineup that includes both former NBA and international players; the game is looking to return in 2021. FIREBALL3 is an entirely new sport created by Kwantinetz and Cube; where part of the main focus is enhancing the experience for the audience. They were also looking to have a spin-off reality show, “BIG3: Not in My House,” but due to the current pandemic, the production has been postponed.

Ice cube noted for up-and-coming artists to keep creating; he said, “Do ya thang.” Cube elaborated, “Don’t wait for anybody, stay determined, and stay creative. The technology now is perfect for artists to be themselves, do what they feel, and not have to conform to anybody.” He spoke about the complexity in his day of developing music and being discovered compared to present day. Cube used social media phenomenon, Soulja Boy as a prime example of the power of today’s modern accessibility. Cube specified the art of falling in love with creative process and the money will follow.

Moving towards the impact of Black media, Ice Cube emphasized the crucial role Black Press and Media plays in reporting for the community and beyond. He that stated the Black press is “all we got.” He explained Black media as the last line of defense when it comes to the truth.  He stressed the collective value in reporting what is relevant to our community. The hip-hop legend stands behind nurturing and propelling Black press forward. He summarized his affection by stating, “You gotta listen to the people who love you.”

Brown emphasized the points Cube made and why the Black press is needed. “We are relevant, and we are here for you,” he said.  Generations to come will appreciate the pioneers such as Ice Cube that paved the way to reach elevated heights of media entertainment and reporting for the community. Black Press USA reaches the ears across the globe,’ Dr. Chavis stated, “The Black Press of America, is the Black press of resilience. Looking to provide a resource of truth, Black media sees their best days ahead.