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Hookah gains popularity by the day in America. While some enjoy it’s multitude of flavors as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars, the truth is that shisha substances used to smoke hookah contain some level of tobacco and nicotine. With tobacco use being a major contributor to the three leading causes of death among African Americans – heart disease, cancer, and stroke – young entrepreneur, Blakk Tatted, made it his mission change the debilitating relationship between the community and tobacco products.

Through his company, Blakk Smoke, Blakk Tatted is destroying the tobacco industry by creating Hookah shisha made with 100% fruit. The lightheadedness caused by smoking hookah is due to the tobacco mixed in, however, Blakk Tatted has singlehandedly created a solution for those who enjoy smoking hookah and do not want exposure to nicotine and tobacco.

An old hookah lover, himself, the young entrepreneur admitted that he came up with this idea through his own use of the product.

“I had to ask myself, how can I do what I love to do, which is smoke hookah, without being exposed to nicotine and tobacco. I didn’t want to stop, but I wanted to find a healthier alternative, so that’s how the wheels started spinning and I came up with Blakk Smoke.” Blakk Tatted told the Los Angeles Sentinel.


(courtesy photoWith tobacco use being a major contributor to the three leading causes of death among African Americans, young entrepreneur, Blakk Tatted, made it his mission change the debilitating relationship between the community and tobacco products.

Blakk Tatted confessed that when he came up with this idea, he was met with a lot of push back and many thought he was crazy. Creating hookah with only fruit? Many believed that it was impossible.

“There were even times I thought I was crazy,” said Blakk Tatted. “But I mean when you’re on a diet and you think about what’s healthy, the first thing people say is fruit. So, when trying to create something healthy, I knew to use fruit because that’s where health starts for me. I didn’t want to use grass or shisha, like other people.”

Blakk Tatted specifically created this product to advance the black community, whom he feels is deeply affected by the tobacco industry.

“I get that people probably shouldn’t drink or smoke, but we do. A lot of people live life on the edge, which is understandable because life if short. So, do what you want, but if you’re going to do these things, let’s do it the healthiest way possible.”

This is a belief that many people must have with Blakk Tatted, who made over $1 million in less than 9 hours with his new company. Since launching and creating on-the-go hookah pens in January, with every product drop he has inventory is completely sold out in minutes.

Blakk’s popularity is not new to him. With an already large social media platform before the release of his company, many will recognize him as the young artist, the “New Orleans Dip King.” Blakk was crowned by his pioneering the “Dip Challenge” and has nearly 400,000 Instagram followers. He used his platform to continue to talk to people, just with a different message, as a way to travel word about the negatives of tobacco use and his alternative product.

Being a young entrepreneur has its challenges, however. Blakk said that he still has difficulties maintaining inventory of his fast-selling products. This is something him and his company are working to improve as the year continues.

With this, the rewards of running his company are far greater. “I get to create generational wealth while saving lives. It took me a while to find my niche and my passion, so I’m confident that I’m doing what I love and getting paid to do it.”

As 2022 year continues, Blakk Tatted’s only goal for his company is to elevate.

“I don’t set exact goals anymore. I try to savor the moment, live in the moment, and put my best foot forward. I just wish for the best, hope the best, and try for the best. When I look back thirty days…three months…six months…I just want to see progress.”

As for himself, Black Tatted has hopes of eventually getting into acting. However, he also shared with LAS that he’s open to many different paths. We just have to keep up with him to see what’s coming next.

With all his endeavors, Blakk wants to inspire people. His advice to anyone, young and old, is that if you’re looking to start a business “don’t stop. Keep going, If you want to do something, the fact that you can think it you can do it.”

With Blakk Smoke’s product being a true first of its kind, these pens offer a premium Blakk Smoke experience that’s 100% portable with no nicotine or tobacco. For more information on Blakk Smoke and their products visit: https://www.blakksmoke.com. For more information on Blakk Tatted you can follow his social media platforms @blakk_tatted.