Elder and Berean Women’s Ministries Leader, Erica Tobin (Brian W. Carter photo)

The Berean Women’s Ministries will begin registration this weekend for workshops.

On Saturday, May 20, the Berean Women’s Ministries (BWM) will begin registration for their Anger Management Workshop at Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 4211 W. Adams Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. Registration fee is $20 with workshops beginning in June. Elder Erica Tobin, a HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing social worker and other BWM members wanted to offer the difficult-to-find workshop to the community.

“The whole purpose of it, I realized a lot of veterans, among society, get angry very quickly—0 to 100,” said Tobin. “Learning and working with them, I’ve learned that once they’ve learned their triggers, it helps them learn how to attach coping skills.”

The BWM decided to start the workshops to better serve the community. They began brainstorming on what programs would benefit the community surrounding the church. A few of the BWM are social workers, some who facilitate anger management groups, they soon realized they had found the program they wanted to present to the community.

“How can we, as a church, be more supportive to what the needs are in society,” said Tobin

According to an npr.org survey in 2019, 84% of Americans are angrier today compared to a generation ago. Out of those polled, 24% stated they were angrier in the past year than any other time. If you factor in the 2020 COVID pandemic, homelessness, inflation, police brutality and racism, all of which has been persistently increasing in recent years—you have a lot of people dealing with mental health issues especially within the Black community.

“The whole point of anger management is learning to regulate your emotions, which some of us don’t have that skill because we’re just used to reacting without processing first,” said Tobin.

The workshops are open to anyone who is interested in learning methods in coping with anger. The overall goal is to reduce both emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. The objectives of the anger management workshops include learning to manage anger effectively, stopping violence or the threat of violence, develop self-control over thoughts, actions and receive support from others.

The BWM strongly encourages individuals struggling with anger issues, seeking support to address anger issues, anyone who may have substance use and mental health problems co-occurring with anger management problems and anger management court ordered individuals to consider registering for the workshop.

“It’s something open for any and every one, who feels they would benefit from it or mandated to attend it,” said Tobin.

The registration fee will provide workbooks and schedules. The workshops are planned to run for 12 weeks. More information can be obtained by those who register. For more information, please contact Elder and Women’s Ministries Leader, Erica Tobin at [email protected]

Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 4211 W. Adams Blvd. located in Los Angeles, CA 90018. Dr. Richardson Honoré is senior pastor and Dr. Tammie Lindsey is associate pastor.