George L Pla (Courtesy Photo).

Dorsey will play King/Drew at the Coliseum on Friday, Oct. 27, in their final game of the regular season. Similar to the Roosevelt-Garfield East LA Classic game played last year at the Coliseum with a halftime performance by Will.I.Am and the Black Eyed Peas, this matchup deemed the South LA Classic will also have a special halftime performance headlined by Warren G and Xzibit.

The game will decide the Coliseum League championship. Dorsey won the title last season with King/Drew finishing second. Most students will be experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play and perform in a historical venue in front of hundreds of their friends, family, and fans.

During his first term as Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission president, George L. Pla made it his utmost priority to open the doors of the Coliseum to its surrounding communities by reintroducing the Coliseum as a world-class venue, that hosts more than USC Football games and a location to shoot commercials.

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Last year alone, the Coliseum brought in tens of thousands of Angelenos to witness unique events such as the Busch Light Clash NASCAR event, the Los Bukis concert, and the East LA Classic, the Southland’s most storied high school rivalry football game.

Now in his second term, he has no intention to stop. “Lately, everyone has been asking me, why not invite athletic powerhouses that draw hundreds of thousands of people this year, to sell out the Coliseum? Why pick these schools?” asked Pla.

“We have been planning this event solely to give back to the South LA communities and chose schools that may not get these types of chances. We’re not putting this on to make money or to sell out a stadium—we did not ask the schools or school district to subsidize any financing for this game. In fact, all ticket sales revenue will go directly back to the athletic programs for Dorsey and King/Drew.”

George L. Pla (

Last year, both Roosevelt and Garfield High School raised over $200,000 in revenue directly from ticket sales for their respective schools’ athletic programs. Dorsey and King/Drew hope to draw as many spectators to do the same.

“We sincerely appreciate the Coliseum Commission and all the partners and sponsors involved in this project for giving us the opportunity to showcase Dorsey High School in such a grand and historic venue. We are looking forward to a great game and a great experience,” said former NFL and USC Running Back and current Dorsey High School Head Coach Stafon Johnson.

“We are profoundly honored and excited that our football team has been selected to play in the South LA Classic at the iconic Los Angeles Coliseum, a venue steeped in rich history and athletic excellence. This incredible opportunity not only showcases the hard work and talent of our student-athletes but also brings pride and enthusiasm to the entire King/Drew community. We look forward to representing King/Drew with integrity, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit on this grand stage,” said King/Drew Athletic Director David Hollaway.

Tickets are $15 and are available on both campuses, via Ticketmaster, and at the Coliseum Box Office until the day of the event.