LADF CEO Nichol Whiteman (left) and Dodgers general manager Dave Roberts pose with a poster of the Dodgers Dream Coaches Playbook (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

In honor of Jackie Robinson Day, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) introduced the  Dodgers Dreamteam Coaches Playbook during a coaches training in Long Beach. The Playbook is based on the nine core values of Robinson, which includes integrity, determination, and teamwork.

Dodgers general manager Dave Roberts met with the Dodgers Dreamteam coaches prior to their training to unveil the playbook.

“These nine values, some things like courage, and all these things that are applicable to life and to helping kids not only on the field but most importantly off the field,” Roberts said. “It aligns with the plight, the fight that Jackie Robinson had.”

In his speech, Roberts encouraged the coaches to be life-long learners and to teach the youth life lessons when coaching.

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“The one thing I try to touch each day with our players is making something bigger than yourself,” Roberts said. “To be here in Long Beach with these coaches, these mentors … they’re coaching baseball but they’re also coaching young kids and this is such a tough time in our world.”

When the Dodgers hosted the 2022 MLB All-Star, they partnered with LADF, the MLB All-Star Game, and Major League Baseball to donate six million dollars to the Los Angeles community. The Playbook is directly a part of the 2022 MLB All-Star legacy. Another sponsor of the Playbook was Nike.

The Playbook will impact the 1500 coaches who are in the Dodgers Dreamteam, according to LADF CEO Nichol Whiteman.

“When we think about [Robinson’s] nine values and the fact that we’ve incorporated it into this Playbook, we will be continuing to perpetuate his legacy for years and years to come,” Whiteman said. “We get an opportunity to continue to make sure that people understand that those values of courage and determination and leadership are so important to continue throughout.”

Roberts is the first minority general manager in the history of the Dodgers. He is also the first general manager of Asian descent and the second of African American descent to win a World Series.

“The way in which [Roberts] is dedicated to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the way in which he’s dedicated also to continuing Jackie Robinson’s legacy is extremely special,” Whiteman said. “I always say the front office is so generous. Guy’s like [Roberts] who are really leading the way and making sure that even the players are involved in the work that we do in the community.”

Michael Guerrero coaches at Saint Andrew’s park and for the Ladera little league. He was impressed that Roberts attended the coaches training that was a few hours prior to the Dodgers game against the San Diego Padres.

He expressed his appreciation for the Playbook being created in honor of Robinson.

“That was a treat for a lot of us that didn’t expect it. I appreciate it,” Guerreo said. “I’ve learned something each time I come and I try to implement the things that I learned in my coaching style.”