Andrew Summerfield played Rugby for Grand Canyon University and View Park (Courtesy photo)

View Park alum and Grand Canyon University student Andrew Joseph Summerfield, 20, was recently shot and killed at Darby Park in Inglewood. Known for being an exceptional student and athlete, Summerfield was a recipient of the Obama Award for Excellence in Academics when he was in junior high school.

Summerfield, an Inglewood native, played football and rugby for the View Park Knights, he was known for his infectious smile and ability to make people laugh.

“Andrew was so loving, caring, and spiritual,” Andrew’s mother Patricia said. “He talked about his personal relationship with God– he was bold with his relationship. He had a vision for his future and the family. He loved to laugh, and he loved life.”

Summerfield is an entrepreneurial sciences major at GCU and had an academic scholarship with the university. He aspired to launch several business ventures.

His friend Ryanne Payne met him when they both were in the fourth grade and went to the same schools all the way up to college.

“Andrew was such a strong person in his character, personality, spirituality, and presence. We were all so blessed to have had Andrew in our lives,” Payne stated. “As much as he will be missed by us all, he will remain with us all, every day.”

During the 2018-2019 season, Summerfield played for the GCU Men’s Rugby team. He was taking online classes and had planned to return to the campus and to the rugby team in fall 2021. Adam Muszynski, who coached Summerfield that season, said that he “was a great guy to have around the program.”

Summerfield competed on the Grand Canyon University Men’s Rugby team during the 2018-2019 season (Courtesy photo)

“He always tried his best, was a great athlete and respectful, making it easy to give him opportunities on the field,” Muszynski said. “This is tragic news that no coach wants regarding a current or former player, and the GCU Rugby family extends our thoughts and prayers to Andrew’s family in this hard time.”

Temprist Smith, who competes with the GCU Women’s rugby team, also grew up with Summerfield.

“Watching him grow from high school to now college, it was a blessing to meet someone as thoughtful, funny and kind as Andrew,” Smith said. “Drew always had bigger dreams that involved helping his community and his peers. Even in his offseason, he was working toward the bigger goal, whether that be health, wealth or academics.”

The family has a $15,000 reward for information that will help put Summerfield’s murderer behind bars. The Summerfields has started a go fund me campaign and a scholarship fund in his name for his close friends so they can get college degrees.