Jay King, CBCC president and CEO (California Black Chamber of Commerce)

California Black Chamber of Commerce officials announced their expansion to Inglewood with the grand opening of a new resource center in the city on June 24.

“We aim to use our reach and our resources to help African American small business owners [to grow and thrive],” said CBCC President and CEO Jay King.

“A large number of African American small business owners are sole proprietors. So, just having access to a place where they can organize themselves, gather information becomes very important. Even down to needing access to a computer and a way to print things that you need.”

CBCC Foundation Inc. was created in 1998 “as a public charity dedicated to education, training, community growth, and youth entrepreneurial development,” according to officials of the organization.

“The Foundation has formed unique and viable partnerships with many private corporations…Since its inception, the Foundation has granted in excess of $200,000 to local chambers and community based organizations across the state.”

King said he chose Inglewood because of the progressive nature of the city.

“Inglewood is a center point, with the new stadium and it being near the (LAX) airport,” King said.

Stephanie Beard, director of operations for the Inglewood office (California Black Chamber of Commerce)

The center will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation is pleased with the growth and alliances created by its organization,” say Chamber officials.

“While realizing there is still much work to be done. We continue to address the issues that affect small business survivability, growth and the multiple effects of community development.

“Today, the California Black Chamber of Commerce is committed to being a resource for local and state-wide communities. Our mission starts with educating local and statewide communities of the importance of financial literacy. Through financial literacy we can build small businesses with strategic coalitions and plug into the mainframe of the American capitalistic system to create a new paradigm for Sole Proprietorship.”

King, who is a Grammy Award winning singer and music industry exec, was elected to head up the CBCC in 2019, right before the COVID 19 pandemic hit. CBCC members at the time said they were “extremely concerned about the aftermath of COVID-19 which immobilized and shut down businesses around the world.”

King has worked as an advocate for African American small business owners, adding to his workload positions that include sitting on the Caltrans Small Business Council as the Chairman of the African American DBE Participation Committee for the California Department of Transportation, as well holding seats on the Small Business Council for the Department of General Services (DGS) and the California High Speed Rail.

For more information about the Inglewood Center visit calbcc.org or email Stephanie Beard at [email protected].