Great Value Colleges website puts Cal State Long Beach’s 22 West Radio (formerly KBeach Radio) at No. 2 in its rankings of 30 Amazing College Radio Stations, a list based on what the stations offer and their dedication to the students and culture.

“We are the only local radio station that provides hands-on experience for students,” 22 West Radio General Manager Ennovy Bowman said. “No matter what skills you may or may not have to start, when you become a part of our station, you leave with the skill necessary to perform in a professional environment.”

22 West Radio, the radio division of 22 West Media, is available on the internet at and in the Los Angeles and Orange County radio market at 88.1 FM HD3; it also can be accessed through the mobile device app RadioFx. CSULB students work at the station as on-air talent, program directors, engineers and sales managers.

Funded by Associated Students Inc., 22 West Media is a nonprofit auxiliary organization of CSULB, operating for students and by students. The radio station’s social media presence can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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