Model, creator and founder of Christian Models Association, Angela “Stikks” Adams (Courtesy photo)

Christian fashion model Stikks is out to help Christian women have a successful career in modeling.

One may not pair the world of modeling with being a Christian, but Angela “Stikks” Adams says different.

“Some people think it’s crazy to call yourself a Christian model, some people think it’s an oxymoron,” said Stikks.

The middle child in the family, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native grew up in a Christian household. In the beginning, Stikks’ trajectory looked more like she was destined for the WNBA with her stating, “I’m a baller.”

“Grew up, whooping on my brothers in basketball,” said Stikks. “I was always an athlete.”

It was in elementary school that she got involved in a mentoring program, Big Brother, Big Sister. Stikks’ mentor was a model, which ignited her true passion. Her love and skill for basketball would win her accolades and championships on through to college. Nevertheless, being model was an intentional goal for her.

“Since I was eight-years-old, I always had a dream of modeling,” said Stikks. “Even at my 5th grade graduation, we all had to go up on stage and we had to tell everyone before we graduated, we had to say what we wanted to be when we grow up.”

“I said I wanted to be a model.”

A natural athlete, Stikks has had a passion for modeling since childhood.  (Courtesy photo)

Stikks shared that between high school and college, she was doing what others expected. After college, she faced the conundrums that most young people face in figuring out her next steps. She didn’t want another 9-to-5 job; she wanted her dream job.

“I still had a dream of modeling,” said Stikks, but she ended up having a son. She decided to put her dreams on hold and get a job to provide for her son.

“I did that, I forgot my dreams, I just became a grown up, I had to take care of my son by myself, I was by myself,” said Stikks.

After a year, she began to feel like she was doing herself a disservice in not pursuing her dreams. Stikks felt she had more to offer the world by living what she felt was her purpose. So, she turned down a full-time job as a social studies teacher and moved to California to pursue modeling.

“I said if I take this job, I’m going to look up and be thinking about retirement,” said Stikks, “my life is going to just pass me by.

“I bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles.”

Stikks shared she stepped out on faith with no job, family or car in a new city to pursue a dream. God provided for her and her child through a church she began attending. She shared that church members helped her pursue her goals.

“When I got signed to an agency and when I started booking jobs and walking in L.A. Fashion Week and all of that—my pastors were watching my son,” said Stikks. “That was nothing but, God providing, He just provided everything I needed as I trusted Him.”

It wasn’t long before being Christian came into conflict with some of the modeling gigs. Stikks had strong convictions as to what was acceptable for her to do on a job. Even though her stand would put her in challenging or awkward situations, she stood in them nonetheless. She shared a story of what happened at her first agency.

“They wanted to send me on a gum commercial and when you think about gum commercials, it doesn’t sound sinful,” said Stikks. “When I read the breakdown, I would have to go into this audition and kiss a stranger.

“I was like no, I believe I should just be kissing my husband, I’m not going and kissing no stranger.”

She turned down the gig and told her agent the reason, to which, he replied this particular agency might not be the right place for her. Regardless of her decline and their suggestion, she still booked other jobs with the agency.

“That’s the part where you just got to let God fight your battles,” said Stikks.

She would have other gigs and auditions, which would cause her to stand on her Christian values. Some of the confrontations would leave her in doubt at times.

“I just felt like I was the only Christian in the modeling industry,” said Stikks. “But the Lord, He let me know, you’re not the only Christian and I’m going to use you to bring them all together.”

Thus, Christian Models Association (CMA) was established in 2018 as a place to help Christian women start successful modeling careers without compromising their morals, faith, or integrity. She is counseling models 18-years-old to 74-years-old in the industry on how to be a light as a working model. Stikks brings over 10 years of experience to the table and her testimonies for representing Christ on the job.

“I just felt like I was the only Christian in the modeling industry,” said Stikks.  (Courtesy photo)

She shared CMA’s mission statement.

“When other women want to shine their light and go out in this dark industry and represent Christ,” said Stikks, “they’ll be able to do it in a supportive community of sisters, who are cheering them on, who are motivating them, encouraging them and congratulating them for standing up for Christ.”

CMA offers #ModelWithPurpose, which is a 5-week online intensive course that helps Christian women learn and launch their modeling careers within a supportive community that builds confidence and faith.

“I tell people, can’t nobody let you go, nobody has no control over you but, God,” said Stikks. “They can’t even do anything to you without God’s permission.”

Stikks shared she’s received many inquiries from parents wanting to get their kids into modeling. She revealed that CMA is actually in the process of expanding to youth with Models With Purpose Kids. She’s also received inquiries from men, who have asked her why she doesn’t have any courses for Christian men who want to model.

“So many guys are like, what about the guys? What about the guys,” said Stikks. “I just say in God’s perfect timing.

“For the past five years, I’ve been doing women, it took me five years to move into children and I don’t feel called to coach to men.

“So, I believe God is going to send me a coach.”

Stikks is helping women, and soon children, who want to model with the Lord in mind. She shared the importance in honoring the Lord with our jobs and careers. She intends for CMA to be a beacon of hope for Christians, who want to be models.

“We’re called to honor God in everything that we do,” said Stikks. “We’re called to bring God glory in everything.

“CMA is on a mission in the modeling industry.”

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