Ronda Brown created the artwork in “The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine” exhibit. (Jamaal Tolbert photo)

Ronda Brown features a collection of exotic and dramatic, yet, spiritually calming works in her new artworks’ exhibition.  Entitled “The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine,” the series of terra cotta vases and digital images, highlight the creative power of women of color while also emphasizing the enduring and nurturing ability of the female.

The pop-up exhibit is located at Lion Arts in Leimert Park, on 4325 Degnan Blvd., in Los Angeles. The show, which will continue until March 18, is another example of Brown’s talent for creating stunning pieces embellished with intricate details that immediately capture the attention of the viewer.

For example, one or more female shapes dominate each vase.  A lady with huge, flowing braids decorate one container, smiling mermaids with scalloped bottoms appear to swim around another urn, and a huge bowl-like pot is shaped like a full-figured, beautiful woman.  The inclusion of women in various stages was intentional, said Brown.

“This current series was created to celebrate the sensual revelations of the sacred feminine and interconnected ancestral symbolism,” she explained.  “Each terra cotta piece is utilized as a sacred object/vessel to invoke the ‘Divine Feminine’ by utilizing the ancient traditions of altars and altar artifacts.”

Ancient woman of color with huge, flowing braids decorate one of Brown’s vases. (Roz Kumari photo)

Brown hopes that the exhibit will remind people that “all women are divine” and bring “balance and beauty” to the planet.  The framed digital art, which depicts the cosmic galaxy above, and the clay vases, which are created from the elements of the ground, symbolize that balance.

Expounding further, Brown described the exhibit as a whole, circular thought. “It shows how the Divine Feminine will assist in nurturing our community through all things creative.  It also shows that it is the unyielding strength and unshaken resilience of women of color, who withstand while still experiencing and giving full joy and love,” she said.

Brown designed this bowl-like vessel into the shape of a full-figured, beautiful woman. (Jamaal Tolbert photo)

“The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine” is the latest of many exhibits that Brown has launched over the years. Her works have appeared at Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art in Moraga, California, the Raw Space Gallery in New York City, and the KROMA Gallery during the Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

Locally, her art has been displayed at the Kellogg University Art Gallery in Pomona and the Underground Museum in Los Angeles. In addition, the California African American Museum, (CAAM) located in Exposition Park, collected one of her digital collages and it exhibited in their permanent collection, “Taken Place.”

A multi-disciplinary artist, Brown earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts at City University of New York in New York City.  She is proficient in several mediums, ranging from ceramic statues to pastel paintings to dramatic reliefs to computer art. Also, she is the lead teacher for Crenshaw High School’s Visual and Performance Magnet program.

Regarding her array of talents, Greg Tate, a noted East Coast writer, said, “The visual art of Ronda Brown directs viewers to reconsider themselves in relationship to the circular loop entangling and enchanting Black Antiquity and Black Futurity.

“Ronda’s creative brinksmanship invite us to extend our vision of the self and identity beyond terra firma grounded precepts, and into the evolutionary flow and coso-biological groundation of the eternal astro-Black genomic complex.”

To learn more about the artist and the exhibit, visit [email protected]t.