Brad Pye, Jr. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

Brad Pye, Jr., a trailblazing sports writer and broadcaster, passed away July 5, at his home in Los Angeles. Pye, who was recognized throughout the nation for his pioneering efforts on behalf of African American athletes, suffered from various health issues that contributed to his death at the age of 89.

Pye attained many “firsts” during his long career. His achievements include being the first recognized African American sportswriter in Southern California, the first Black administrator for the NFL Commissioner and the first African American public relations and scout for the Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers.

Also, he served nearly 30 years as the sports editor for the Los Angeles Sentinel. In this capacity, the newspaper won top awards from the National Newspaper Publishers Association for 10 consecutive years. In addition, Pye led the effort in the 1960s for African American journalists to be admitted to the press areas of professional sports teams.

According to his family, a celebration of his life is pending.

WATCH Brad Pye, Jr. discuss legendary column “Switch Reels” in 2016: