Gavin Newsom

By now, most Californians have already received their ballot for the recall election in the mail.  This election is critical for the advancement of our community to fend off the right-wing conservative attacks on our state’s government.

We have all seen and read about voter suppression efforts being launched in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and a number of other states across the country.  But, what Californians should realize is that we are being targeted in the Republican-led voter suppression efforts here in California with the recall of Governor Gavan Newsom.

These efforts are being led by anti-tax, anti-immigration, anti-police reform, anti-diversity and inclusive, conservative Republicans in an attempt to gain a foothold on their failing party in the country’s most populous state.

Californians and African American voters in particular are facing a stark choice on September 14: Do we retain Democratic Governor Newsom or replace him with a candidate hand chosen by the Trump-led Republican Party, and turn California and its progressive agenda on its ear.

There are over forty candidates running to unseat Governor Newsom; over half of whom are Republicans.  According to local polls, the current leader in the race to unseat Governor Newsom is right-wing radio host Larry Elder, along with former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and “The Bear” Trump supporter and businessman, John Cox.  All of these candidates are being heavily funded by right wing conservatives who are in favor of the voter suppression campaigns being waged throughout the nation.

Also linked to the recall campaign are the activities are members of neo-fascist, para-military groupings like the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and possibly Qanon.  All of these groups were instrumental in an attempt to overthrow the election and the government as part of the January 6 insurrection of the nation’s capital, all who take their lead from Donald Trump and those who support the Trump culture.

The truth is Governor Newsom does not deserve to be recalled.  You may or may not agree with his decision to shut down California because of the pandemic, but what you cannot deny is that his decision and leadership saved lives.  He has also brokered opportunities for support of small businesses who without the support from state agencies would not have survived.  California, the most populous state in the nation, was able to save hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives by taking the actions Newsom took.  California managed to support small businesses, including many restaurants, and the state has operated well.  The governor, along with his state legislature, have made it a priority to invest the billions of dollars of state resources back into the communities that need it most.

The Republican candidates are using race-based discriminatory tactics to either in flame voters or simply get us to sit this race out.  These divisionary practices using sexist rhetoric, homophobic intolerance, crime suppression all is part of the Trump propaganda machine that Governor Newsom so vehemently opposes.

The Republican far right is counting on California’s and particularly African Americans who most of the time vote Democratic as well as progressive-leaning independent voters to stay home, lulled by a false sense that there is no way a small Republican minority will unseat Newsom.

We cannot and must not get lulled to sleep by these tactics.  When you receive your ballot, VOTE NO, JUST VOTE NO.  Don’t vote for any of the recall candidates, because you are against the recall.  When you have your ballot and voting by mail, fill it out and mail it in right away.  There are also in-person drop pff sites throughout Los Angeles.  Make sure your entire family and your friends also VOTE NO, JUST VOTE NO.

We cannot afford for the governor to be recalled and to potentially have Larry Elder or some other right-wing candidate unseat the Governor and lead our state and our community to our own demise.

On the line is the protection of hard-won gains that Gov. Newsom expanded, such as increased pay, paid sick leave and paid family leave, and doubling the earned-income tax credit for low-income families, and expanded the right to form unions, including signing legislation to give childcare workers the right to organize.

We cannot be tricked into letting a far-right, pro-Trump Republican lead our state.  Our votes, our voice will set the tone and are the most critical piece to overcoming this attempt at voter suppression, and our community finding itself in an even more challenging position than we already are in.

The Los Angeles Sentinel is strongly pushing that all Californians vote in the September 14 recall election, and make sure that family members and friends vote, as well.  VOTE NO AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE POST OFFICE AND MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT or MAKE SURE YOU VISIT AN IN-PERSON DROP OFF SITE.  JUST VOTE NO, AND DON’T VOTE FOR ANY OF THE CANDIDATES ON THE BALLOT.