COO of Bakewell Media, Pamela Bakewell (centered) poses with local residents during the turkey drive. (photo by E. Messiah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

When Danny J. Bakewell Sr. first created the Taste of Soul Family Festival, he envisioned an event where the South Los Angeles community could come together for a day of fellowship, love, peace and unity. Although the 13th annual festival has come to end, Taste of Soul continues to spread its mission through the city but this time with a holiday twist!

For the first time ever, LA Sentinel, Mothers In Action & Taste of Soul partnered with Hyundai Motor America to giveaway 300 turkeys to families in need. These families have been selected and pre-qualified through a number of Taste of Soul’s community partners including Mothers in Action, Brotherhood Crusade, Ward AME, Bethany Baptist Church, Kappa Alpha Psi, the Weingart Center, and LAUSD board member Dr. George McKenna III.
(photo by E. Messiah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)
“Mothers in Action is very grateful for the 50 turkeys that have been allocated to our underserved families by LA Sentinel and donated by Hyundai,” said Mothers in Action president Tracy Mitchell.“Ittakes a village to take care of our community and we are honored to have both Hyundai and the LA Sentinel as a part of our village.”
Although this is the first time ever Bakewell Media’s Taste of Soul and Hyundai are partnering for a turkey giveaway, the two have been working together since the beginning of this year, to help meet the needs of the South Los Angeles community. Previously, Hyundai in partnership with Taste of Soul, created“Hyundai’sRoad to Taste of Soul” where they highlighted four local organizations to give charitable donations to which included: Mothers in Action, Brotherhood Crusade, New Image Emergency Shelter for the Homeless, and actress Wendy Raquel Robinson’s Amazing Grace Conservatory.
(photo by E. Messiah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)
Next, Hyundai in partnership with Taste of Soul created a contest to acknowledge the residents of Los Angeles who were making the city a better place by awarding one winner with a brand new car. This year’s theme was titled,“ReimagineEverything at Taste of Soul Los Angeles.” Finally, Hyundai participated in this year’s Taste of Soul Family Festival as a sponsor for one of the festival’s entertainment stages. These are just a few examples of how Hyundai and Bakewell Media’s Taste of Soul have been addressing the needs of the South LA community and this is only the beginning!
(photo by E. Messiah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)
Taste of Soul is more than just a good time.  We are dedicated to providing our community with resources and opportunities at every level,” said Danny J. Bakewell, Sr. Founder/Creator of Taste of Soul and Chairman of Bakewell Media.“This turkey give away was but a small part of our ongoing partnership with Hyundai Motor of America. Through this partnership, we are excited to have the opportunity to better serve those in our community who are in the most need during the holidays and throughout the year.”