A salute to the multi-talented, 30-year employee 

Angela Howard (Robert Torrance/LA Sentinel)
Angela Howard (Robert Torrance/LA Sentinel)

When Angela Howard joined the Los Angeles Sentinel as an intern in 1986, creating a weekly newspaper required a multitude of skills.

Fortunately, Howard was not only intelligent, creative and willing, but also a quick study who learned to mark-up copy, lay strips of type, take memorable photographs and manage circulation personnel.

As the production process became computerized, Howard moved smoothly with it, learning new publishing software, operating digital cameras, and designing attractive cover pages that led to many sold-out issues.

Throughout changes and challenges, she remained committed to excellence and approached each task with confidence and professionalism. According to her colleagues, her upbeat attitude inspires other staff on a daily basis.

“Angela is a rare jewel and possesses an incredible range of talents. We truly appreciate all of her contributions to this organization. On behalf of the entire newspaper staff, we salute and commend Angela for her 30 years of outstanding service to the Sentinel,” said Danny Bakewell, Sr., Sentinel executive publisher.

“I have worked with Angela for several years and continue to be impressed with her ability to always perform at the highest level,” added Brandon Brooks, Sentinel managing editor.