Dr. Jeanette Parker
Dr. Jeanette Parker (File Photo)

It has been speculated that the “image of the beast” which gives the appearance of life; it would be a statue. However, now we can see first-hand or envision that some form of the beast’s activities might be “artificial intelligence.”  

Pay attention, please. I believe we will see in our lifetime there will be images of those appearing to be flesh and blood people but will be “false and some kind of manufactured people;” not hologram or androids or cyborg, possibly human-animal hybrid or maybe a human clone. We may not know for certain; but we already see artificial intelligence recording human voices and replicas of specific people and their image and personalities!  

The future world leader, a man, the Antichrist will be charismatic and believable to many. People will swoon over him, and his speech will be enticing and believable, convincing. The image of the beast will be the “focal point of worship in the religion of the beast.”  

There are those (many in numbers) will bow to the image of the beast and the deceived people of the world will worship the “man of lawlessness” (the man of sin). He will set himself up as a god in Jerusalem in the temple.  

Those who do not worship the beast and its image will suffer the wrath of the Antichrist. Those who do worship the image of the beast and his program of false worship the image of the beast will suffer the wrath of God, which is far worse. If anyone worships the beast and its image. 

They too will drink the wine of God’s fury for which has been poured out full strength into the cup of his wrath and will be tormented with burning sulfur. And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever and there will be no rest day or\night for those who worship the beast and its image.   

Pray. Refuse and reject to worship and bow down the knee or be hypnotized to the Antichrist and the image of the beast for persecution on the earth. Rewards will be realized in heaven for those who do not worship the image of the beast. The image of the beast is front and center in the nightmarish kingdom of Satan, but it will not last. A terrible fate awaits those who worship the biddings of the image of the beast.  

And although we may not know what is the “mark of the beast,” start watching now for the signs of the image of the beast. Some sensed something akin to the mark was the COVID vaccinations. Some will think this is all make believe. Don’t be naive. We are in the period of the latter days and the last days.  

Jesus Christ has already come once, and we look toward the heavens, gazing intently for His Second Coming. John said, “Little children,” (a term of endearment) it is the last time. The “spirit of the antichrist” is already here.”  

There are many antichrists present here and now because there are many who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  Those who do not believe God’s Son came in the flesh and do not profess Jesus has within them the “spirit of antichrist.”  

John said, “There are many antichrists and by this we know it is the last hour.” We see. Take off the blinders and the scales on the eyes. These words are not easy to report. We need to hear and heed the words for our children’s sake, for their benefit, for their future.  

We see and feel life is filled with more obstacles and roadblocks than before. But we must not become weak or weary. We must persevere in “the way.” Do not be counted in the “falling away,” that religious defection and event with the crowds that defect from Christ, strive for the crowns that await us and look for the better things to come.  

Believe daily. Be thankful. Watch. Pray. Sing praises. Bless His glorious name and His wonders. Give thanks! Watch and see what the Lord will do. He owns everything and “holds the title deed to the earth.” He is unfailing in His words, His actions and will not disappoint. He loves us and will never leave us; nor will He forsake us. No, not at all.  

Thanks for reading! Jeanette Grattan Parker is the founder-superintendent of Today’s Fresh Start Charter School, 4514 Crenshaw Boulevard, L.A. 90043, 323-293-9826, www.todaysfreshstart.org, (Ask Dr. Jeanette TM) “Inquiring Minds Want to Know.” All articles are copyright. All rights reserved © Errors? Or Questions? Please let me know. Join Sundays for music and message at 11:30 a.m. by calling (712) 775-8971, code 266751. References: The Holy Bible, Matthew Henry Commentary, StudyLight.org, “Revelation Made Clear” by Tim LaHaye & Timothy E. Parker. Scriptures referenced: I John 2 & 4, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, and Revelation 13.