Sparks guard Odyssey Sims (right) scored 15 points to help “N My Feelings” win in the semifinals (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Los Angeles Sparks players will clash in the championship game for the Women’s Drew League at Charles Drew Middle School on December 16 at 1:30P.M.. Along with the title game will be the Junior Sparks All-Star game at 11:30A.M. and the Women’s Drew League All Star Game at 12:30P.M.

The semifinal round featured top seeded team “Action” in a battle against the three-time Women’s Drew champions “Lady Cheaters.” Sparks forward Essence Carson and guard Odyssey Sims banded together on the team “N My Feelings” along with defending WNBA champion Seattle Storm player Noelle Quinn.

“The girls here, they play hard and I feel like they deserve recognition, too,” Carson said. “I’m just happy to be able to see the talent of the girls that they might not see in the WNBA, they have talent as well and they work just as hard.”

Women’s Drew commissioner Tenesha Ware mentioned how the league allows amateur players a chance to play against the pros and allow them to play overseas.

This year is unique as the Women’s Drew partnered with the Sparks to provide programming for young basketball players.

“I never really worked with the youth, so being able to partner with the Sparks and being able to provide a clinic for these young women is great,” Ware said. “They get to stay and see the game, see how intense it is and understand that there are places where they can play.”

“N My Feelings” had a comeback 56-51 victory over “Runnit.” Sims scored 15 points and eight assists, Carson made four rebounds, one assist and two steals.

“Essence is a great teammate on and off the court, so it’s always fun to have her around. She always brings a good spirit,” Sims said. “Eventually, hopefully [Women’s Drew] will be like how the men is, it’s like a big deal in the summer.”

The team “Action” had the top seed in the playoffs, but their run was stopped by “Lady Cheaters” when they won 47-39 in the semifinals.

Sparks forward Essence Carson (left) poses with Women’s Drew League Commissioner Tenesha Ware(Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“We’re just excited to be back in the same position as we were last year,” said “Lady Cheaters” player Brittany Wilson. “We wanted to win because we lost earlier in the season to them, so that game was important.”

Wilson was with the “Lady Cheaters” for their three consecutive championship run, she also played overseas in three different countries. Throughout the season, Sparks guard Chelsea Gray plays for the “Lady Cheaters.”

Danica Dale of “Action” has been in the Navy for four years and travels an hour to compete in Women’s Drew. She comes in second in the league in steals per game with 1.8, “Action had the best regular season record.

“I guess we were consistent during the regular season,” Dale said. “We’re all homies, so we don’t really get mad at each other and I don’t like being on teams where you argue a lot, so I have to say I appreciate them.”