Click to Win: Leonardo Da Vinci: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer.

Explore the engineering, marvels and artistry of one of history’s greatest minds and inventors when they’re “LEONARDO DA VINCI: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer. Now Open at the California Science Center. Through models of da Vinci‘s innovations, hands-on experiences and reproductions of his notes and artwork, includes the Last Supper, visitors will experience da Vinci‘s endless curiosity, and his use of both art and science throughout his work. Guests have the opportunity to enhance their experience by seeing IMAX movie Cities of the Future 3-D to discover the exciting innovations engineers are working on today from electric flying cars to solar power

2024 The Power, Leadership & Influence of the Black Woman

The Power, Leadership & Influence of the Black Woman is an event that celebrate the achievements, contributions and impact of Black Women in various fields. The luncheon provides a platform to showcase the leadership, resilience and excellence of Black Women and acknowledging their role in shaping and influencing society. Join us on Saturday, April 13, 2024 10:30am-2pm at the Fairmont Century Plaza as we honor prestigious Black Women excelling in the areas of business, politics, arts, education, science, social activism and everything in between. The luncheon will feature an “Intimate Conversation with U.S. Senator Laphonza Butler” and honorees include: Melina