Mother’s Day is a moment to appreciate women who delivered life and nourished those new souls to grow strong; she deserves the best. Los Angeles is filled with luxury dining to celebrate Mom and all that she does. For robust flavors and wholehearted soul food, Post & Beam has the best ambiance for brunch. With COVID-19 safety measures in mind; indulge in the sweet life with treating your queen to one of Crustees Pies or take a bite out of Louisiana home cooking at Harold and Belle’s.

John Cleveland Post & Beam Executive Chef keeps the soul of South L.A. alive in the atmosphere and the food of this restaurant. (Photo Credit: Travis McCoy Photography )

Post & Beam

For explosive flavor and incredible atmosphere, Post & Beam is a great place to celebrate the women who brought life into this world. The robust flavors found in their soul food match the warmth given by their staff, Post & Beam has created an ambiance that is authentic to the collective community.

With a spacious floor plan and an environment filled with the enchantment of laughter and dining in a sultry garden patio, intimately tethered to the main room and bar, clinks of glasses and the buzz of conversation harmonize with the jazz notes playing in the background.

Post & Beam is known for their artisan brunch menu, with their Braised Oxtail Hash, Country Potatoes, Roasted Peppers and Onions, Mustard Hollandaise and Poached Eggs, mom will be dancing in her seat. Exclusively served on Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Located in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in South Los Angeles, Post & Beam has been creating phenomenal memories for their guests for over eight years. Hosting private events, they customized the experience to fit every occasion. The atmosphere draws in the crowd, but everyone comes back for the addicting flavor of the food, representing a rich culture found in the Black community.

Known for their modern twist on west coast cuisine, Post & Beam curated a southern combination that synchronizes with the traditional comfort food of California. Some of the introductory plates include warm Corn Bread with Whipped Honey Butter, Pacific Oysters, and Vegan Crab Cake.

Their main dishes include one-of-a-kind plates like the Espresso Rubbed Hangar Steak accompanied with Celery Root Puree and Red Pepper Romesco. This place has been “mother-approved” for exquisite dining.  Located on 3767 Santa Rosalia Drive, one can request a table on the official website, or for more information, one can call, by dialing (323) 299-5599.

Owner of Crustees, Sharon Washington. (courtesy Photo)


The peach cobbler is symbolic for family, holidays, and tradition in the collective community. The recipe holds generations of tweaks in the ingredients and shared experiences in the kitchen, and Crustees’ owner, Sharon Washington, experienced her first slice through the lineage of motherhood, and she’s been cooking with a sense of unity ever since.

By bringing mom a finely crafted pie from a woman-owned business; the message of gratitude will be received instantly. The story of these pies started in the community of motherhood, Washington learned part of her style of cooking from her friend’s mother, and every Sunday she would join her friend to recreate the recipes; one eventually becoming her signature peach cobbler.

Washington reflected on what the peach cobbler meant to the Black family dynamic, mainly the use of recipes passed down from grandmothers to mothers. Washington always takes the compliment of being “the best pie” with gratitude, but she looks at the other mother’s journey; cooking and creating a dish for their loved ones.

In reflection, Washington said, “… I was told for many years that my peach cobbler was ‘the best peach cobbler,’ and for me I just said, ‘well, okay… well, thank you so much, I really appreciate it,’ because I always believed, that what you interpret as the best, is what you grew up eating from your mother.” It’s safe to say, the love for nourishing others is the secret ingredient to the famous Crustees Peach Cobbler. One can grab a slice through GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats, or by calling 323.815.9910 for more delicious details.


Harold and Belle’s reopened ready for customers with a renovated building after an eight month long renovation. Ryan and Jessica Legaux are the third generation to operate the business. Since 1969, the family-owned eatery has provided the heart of the South Los Angeles community with the southern New Orleans style cuisine. The new company includes not only the restaurant, but their catering and concession divisions. Harolds and Belles now features new light fixtures, seating, a new bar area and fresh new ceiling giving the restaurant a refreshed feelings. Harold and Belle’s is located at 2920 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018. For more info call (323) 735-9023 or visit

Harold and Belle’s

Harold & Belle’s has served Los Angeles for 50 Years and it all started with connection and family tradition for the creole-style restaurant.

Harold and Belle’s dining experience started with a family connection; third generation owner, Ryan Legaux, explained that food was an afterthought when his grandparents, Harold and Belle, built their legacy. They brought the southern hospitality to the west coast.

It started as a social club where the Black community could play cards, talk, and dance, while a pot of gumbo was simmering in the kitchen. The Legaux family came to Los Angeles with the soul and the hospitable spirit of New Orleans, bringing a distinct flavor that can be enjoyed while celebrating mom.

One of the main pillars of success established by Harold and Belle’s 50 years ago, was the essence of unity. Legaux explained, “The atmosphere and the vibe … the food was more of an afterthought. It was about the people.”

The recipes come directly from the family kitchen, authentically developed in Louisiana. Legaux explained, “The recipes are coming out of the home kitchen; this is just family tradition getting passed down the line.” He reflected on times in Louisiana and the memories shared among the family that last far past the feast.

The air is filled with the savory scents that represent the culinary enchantment of New Orleans. The kitchen tantalizes the senses with authentic gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice, slow cooking in layers of flavor, providing a rich culinary experience.

Legaux explained that alongside those dishes, their fryers are going from dusk-till-dawn, where their famous fry catfish, shrimp, oysters, and beignets. This is place is perfect for the family and the special event of honoring the women in ones life.

located at 2920 W. Jefferson Blvd., in Los Angeles, CA, 90018.  For to-go orders, the restaurant utilizes multiple delivery services, such as Chow Now, Grubhub, and Postmates. Customers can also order online through the Harold and Belle’s website at

Mother’s Day is a time to show gratitude for the women who continue to put others before themselves.  They do this thankless job with honor; Mother’s Day creates an energy of recognizing all of the hard work that goes into raising a child.

A Post & Beam brunch says “thank you for everything” through their flavors and atmosphere, a pie from Crustees captures the appreciation that one feels on Mother’s Day, and Harold and Belle’s provides a sense of restoration for the women who used their bodies to protect and uplift others from birth.