The Pernicious Power of Patriarchy

If we women were honest, we would say that we have all cosigned patriarchy in the interest of keeping it moving. We have deflected the sexist comments that come our way, even as we cringe from them. We smile at men that we abhor because they may have decision making power in their hands. We dress up or dress down depending on the occasion and the way we have to play the game. We know the system is slanted against us, we know we still have to play, and we decide when we choose to blow the whistle, a whistle we could blow every single day.

Helping Babies By Lifting Up Mothers

  WASHINGTON – In a small red wooden house across from a wooded area in northeast Washington neighborhood, virtually unnoticed by their neighbors, are people who save and transform lives. There are no doctors.  No nurses.  No special emergency technicians.  But, ask Rochele Norfleet what those people have meant to her. “I was a teen mother a couple years ago and at first I didn’t have any place to go,” said the 21-year-old Capitol Heights mother of two.  “I wasn’t in school or anything.” That was before she came to the Healthy Babies Project, those people in that red house.