Dr. Gordon and Sheree Brown (courtesy photo)

An audience, at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater, enjoyed a stellar performance of “We Tell Our Stories” on September 16, at a fundraiser sponsored by the non-profit, Children and Families, Inc. The play, written and produced by multi-talented, Emmy nominated Sheree Brown, demonstrated a true adherence to the African tradition, using all the art forms – music, dance, oral tradition and visual arts – to entertain, educate and celebrate the resilience and beauty of Black life. The intergenerational cast kept the audience enthralled throughout.

La Faune Gordon, Ph.D. founder and executive director of Children and Families, Inc., was recognized at the end of the production for the work her agency does to empower young children and families in overcoming adversities. Dr.Gordon’s agency has demonstrated through its programs a passionate commitment to the empowerment of our collective future, by supporting and nurturing the potential of youth and families.

Another highlight of the evening was the awarding to Marguerite Lathan of the Zhakanaka Peace Award. This award is inspired by the children’s book, Zhakanaka The Word. The theme of which is courage, hope, and human understanding. It is an award given to those who embody the story’s message by their works.

It was an evening of that provided both entertainment and the opportunity to reflect on the value of supporting agencies committed to community uplift.