Service Employees International Union members march on behalf of Measure HC. (Courtesy photo)

Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently announced her support of the City of Inglewood Measure HC—Fair Wages for Healthcare Workers. She urged voters to vote “Yes” on the measure on or by November 8.

“Healthcare workers have always been there for us, but they put everything on the line throughout the pandemic, many of them making only $15 per hour,” said Waters. “Measure HC will provide a fair wage to these workers in Inglewood, leading to better patient care for Inglewood residents. Healthcare workers are always there for us, it is time for us to be there for them. I encourage every voter in Inglewood to have their voice heard and vote yes on Measure HC!”

Measure HC will raise wages for essential healthcare workers to $25 an hour. Many healthcare workers are leaving their profession because they can’t make ends meet in low-wage positions. This has resulted in staff shortages during a time when we need more – not less – healthcare workers. Raising healthcare worker wages is not only fair, but it will help patients get the care they need.

SEIU aims to obtain liveable wages for healthcare workers. (Courtesy photo)

“Like Congresswoman Waters, we know that voters support healthcare workers. We also know that many of these voters have been misled by the opposition campaign. We refuse to let greedy hospitals and millionaire hospital executives mislead voters,” said Dave Regan, president of SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West.

“We want to remind voters that hospitals have experienced record pandemic windfalls, while workers struggle with staff shortages and an exodus of caregivers to better-paying jobs. Now is the time to join Congresswoman Waters and support healthcare workers by voting yes on Measure HC.”