La Tanya Michelle Clark created a place of healing for those who may lost themselves while trying to manage careers and households. (Photo by Paris Marcel)

In the year 2000, Women of Virtue became a place of unity for women. La Tanya Michelle Clark created an environment for healing those who may lost themselves while trying to manage careers and cultivate households.

The success of her effort has grown at an exponential rate. As a result, Clark expanded the organization to encompass the Virtue Family Life Center, Inc., which will host the Garden of Grace gathering from Thursday, June 2, through Sunday, June 5, in Dallas, Texas.

This seed is blooming 22 years after being planted in Clark’s mind and she is exposing the truth in the phrase, “It is never too late.” Proving that one can have life and unity within the family, Clark is leading this frontier to new growth through her own experience.

Clark stated, “Our mission is to restore families back to wholeness, one member at a time –starting with women, because I am a woman.”

In the Garden of Grace gatherings, Clark invites intellectuals, pioneers, innovators, family and friends to participate in their own spiritual treatment to charge their power and purpose.

Elder Clark was born in San Diego, California, and is the youngest of four sisters. She gave her life to God at a young age and was involved in the children’s choir, children’s usher board, youth and young adult choir, and adult usher board at her former home church, Mount Erie Baptist Church in San Diego, led by Pastor Walter G. Wells.

“As a woman, it’s my passion to encourage and empower women who have been abandon, discouraged, abused, neglected, homeless and divorced. When life throws a curve that snatches the breath out of you, it’s hard to breathe again. Virtue Family Life Center is a safe place and restoring place where she will have a chance to breathe again. No longer surviving, but given the tools to learn to live and thrive,” Clark said.

Elder Clark is the mother of two sons, Elder Antonio Banks and Zechariah Mayo (Paris Marcel). Banks is married to Tamara, whom Clark refers to as her “daughter-in-love.” They have two lovely children, Zuri Banks and Amir Banks, whom she affectionately refers to as “grand-sugas,” and they are dear to her heart.

Clark closed by stating, “Women of Virtue Ministries evolved through the years and was changed to Virtue Family Life Center, Inc., in 2014 with a focus on the entire family as a whole. We help push through the pain and countless disappointments to be who we were created to be because God never changed His mind about what He created and the purpose why He created us. We just have to be reminded, supported and loved back.”

To learn more about Virtue Family Life Center, contact [email protected] visit or call 909-742-9871.


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