When you come to Taste of Soul (TOS), you’re going to do a lot of walking, talking, laughing and eating. We all know that these activities can leave one parched, so it’s important that you get yourself the right beverage. 

Queen Squeeze Lemonade comes in a variety of flavors. (Courtesy Photo)

How about Queen Squeeze Lemonade (QSL) to quench your soul? 

Ebony Staten is TOS family as this isn’t her first and her uncles are TOS alums as well – can you say Brothers BBQ? Well, it seems Staten has learned the ropes of navigating a TOS family festival from OG vendors. Well, she’s back for a second time with her tasty lemonade. 

The QSL owner and CEO was born in Long Beach and raised in Los Angeles. Staten attended high school and pharmacy school in Diamond Bar, California. Established in December 2020, QSL is a result of an early childhood activity. 

Ebony Staten, Queen Squeeze Lemonade owner and CEO. (Courtesy Photo)

“I started doing lemonade stands with my dad as a kid as he has taught me entrepreneurship young,” said Staten. She eventually started working at her uncles’ BBQ restaurant in 2015, where she learned about TOS and participated in the event with them for three years. 

She began making her lemonade at Brothers BBQ, which began to take off. After five years of making lemonade at her uncles’ establishment, she decided to start a lemonade juice trailer. Staten took her lemonade trailer to beaches, farmer’s markets and festivals.  

QSL is made with organic, home-grown lemons and comes in a variety of flavors that include mango, strawberry, pineapple, blackberry, and top sellers, watermelon and peach. Her lemonade all uses 100% pure, raw organic cane sugar, and the best ionized, alkaline water.  

“The flavors that we provide from fresh fruits are what makes us unique,” said Staten. “All of our products come with positive affirmations to not only provide tasty lemonade, but also provide words of encouragement to our customers.” 

Queen Squeeze Lemonade brings fresh quality product, hydration, good vibes, big energy, and love for our community. (Courtesy Photo)

In 2022, QSL experienced their first TOS family festival and she shared some of her experience.  

“It was the most humbling experience for me and my business,” said Staten. “It made me confident and ready for big events as well as it was the biggest financial day I ever had since being in business.” 

She continued, “We also enjoyed how much love and support and patience we received from the community.  

“It was so much love, we also love the organization of the whole festival, it was truly a wonderful experience.”  

Be sure to stop by Queen Squeeze Lemonade, who promises to “bring fresh quality product, hydration, good vibes, big energy, and love for our community.”  

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